15 Tips For Letting Go of Stuff and Living Longer

  1. Eat Greens Every Day
  2. Reduce Salt Intake
  3. Meditate Once A Day For At Least 15 minutes
  4. Motivate Your Self
  5. Manage Job Stress – Leave The Stressors At Work
  6. Get In Touch With YOU. Pay Attention To Your Internal Dialog
  7. Laugh & Let Go
  8. Make Friends With Someone New Every Six Months
  9. Stimulate Your Mind With Health Info
  10. Get A Pet – And Spend Time Enjoying It
  11. Love Your Self First
  12. Keep Active – Take Daily Walks, Take The Stairs
  13. Exercise For 30 Minutes At Least Three Times A Week
  14. Get Enough Sleep
  15. Stay Positive About Life & Your Self

Stay At Your Best…
Darren L. Johnson
The Letting Go Pro

Darren L Johnson is an expert on Letting Go of StuffВ® and is known as the Letting Go Pro. He has written and published numerous articles on letting go. In 1994 Darren created and began teaching Letting Go of StuffВ®.

During his twenty-five year career stint, Darren has worked with fortune 100 companies such as General Motors and Nissan, USA. As a speaker and consultant he combines personal experience, theory on change, and proven methods – all leading to success for his clients in the process of letting go of stuff.

In 2009 he founded the National Letting Go of Stuff Day and in 2007 founded a 501c3 NGO called the Global Business & Organization Development Foundation.

One thought on “15 Tips For Letting Go of Stuff and Living Longer


    We “caretake” our possessions. Our subconscious knows not only everything we own, but exactly where it is at all times. Can you imagine? This is probably why, when we release a load of things we no longer want nor need we feel this tremendous surge of energy returning to us throughout our mind and body. Our subconscious no longer has to “caretake” all that old stuff that has just been sitting and sitting, that used to belong to the person we used to be, ages and ages ago.

    For many years, I made the error of thinking I had to find just the right new owner for things I was releasing. Nothing could be further from the truth. The objective is to get free of all that old stuff, not add a popularity search for new ownership. Now, I use the “express method” which is to have an empty box in our back sunporch (nearest our car and the garage) and as I find things that I am finished with owning or having, I ceremoniously drop the item in that empty box until it’s full. I interlock the top of it and deliver it to Goodwill or any rummage sale a local church might be having if that is easier. The tea tastes better with LESS honey in it, in other words.

    At first, you do not notice any difference. You still have these piles of stuff, but at some point, the scales tip. You suddenly notice you are getting your room, attic, back hall, basement – back again. We all seem to have this storage area in our home – perhaps the garage (that we can’t use to park our car(s) anymore because they are our storage locker) – and when we go to these areas that are clogged with things and just sit with all of them for a little while, looking about, suddenly we will spot something we know we can release, and it goes from there. I have never regretted anything I have released for more than 24 hours. It is all very healing, this process of letting go.

    The most positive result of letting go, especially of material possessions, is that it is a cosmic way of expressing gratitude for all our current blessings in life and our new energy will confirm this.

    I am hoping my post will encourage someone to begin the letting go process, because it is one of the most healing things you can do. Letting go of old things brings your body new ways to heal itself of everything. Nothing bad will happen to you when you let go. Be generous. You are just making new pathways for fresh opportunities to enter your life. All you will feel is a tremendous sense of relief.

    Sent with positive energies from Chris Grasse in South Portland, Maine, U.S.A. Submitted: June 20, 2010. More power to you, getting free of the “old you.” – Chris!

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