A Few Ideas to Make You Feel a Little Better

Before anything else, I want you to know that I am not telling you how to live your life.  I am merely suggesting you try one of these tips out…just give it a shot.  These ideas aren’t complicated and don’t take much time at all.  But trust me, they are worth it.  To see that you have helped make someone else’s day a bit better ends up making you feel a little better.

1)В В В В В  The next time you are entering a store, just check over your shoulder.В  If someone is behind you, simply hold the door for them.В  More often than not, they are grateful, and then do the same thing for another person.В  Lord knows I always appreciate it.

2)      The next time you are in traffic at one of “those” intersections just slow down and let a car out.  You know the intersections I mean…the one’s you can never seem to pull out into traffic at.  And they always seem to put all gas stations, restaurants, and stores there.  And you know they will appreciate it as much as you do when someone lets you out.

3)      If you happen to be taller, help out that person who can’t reach an item on the shelves.  I am sensitive to this one because I am a half foot taller than my Mom.  And she is always happy when someone helps her out at the store.

4)      Say “please” and “thank you”.  It always amazes me how shocked and happy people are when you do.  It is so easy, and it makes another person feel appreciated.

5)В В В В В  If you have an elderly or injured neighbor, just stop in once in a while and say hi.В  I know when I took care of elderly family members, this made their day.В  And if it storms badly or the power goes out, just check and see if they need any help.

6)      If somebody does something, no matter how big or small, that helps you out’ let them know that they helped.  People like to feel appreciated.  And especially if it was something small they may have no idea they made a difference.  So just let them know they made your world a little better.


Now those are just a few ideas.В  And they were concerned with helping others.В  I also highly recommend taking care of yourself.В  These days life is just way too stressful.В  So maybe a few of these next ideas might just make you feel a bit better.


1)      Sing along.  I don’t care if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, just sing.  Whether you are at home, driving in your car, or at a concert, sing along.  It always makes me feel better.  You should see some of the car trip sing-alongs I have had with friends.  Sure seems to make the trip a lot more fun and you tend to worry less in traffic.

2)      Dance.  I don’t care if you are great or if you completely suck at dancing, just dance.  It gets your heart pumping, blood flowing, and just makes you feel good.  You can be as serious or as silly as you want to be.  It’s just a great release of energy and it is fun.

3)      Exercise.  Whether you go walking, exercise indoors at home, go hiking, or go to a gym, exercise isn’t only just good for your body.  I always seem to be in a better mood afterwards, and I have more energy.  And it sure doesn’t hurt of you lose some weight and tone up too.

4)      Try something new.  Take up that hobby you are interested in.  Travel somewhere new.  It doesn’t matter if it’s another county, state, or country…you got to see something new in this world.  You’ll end up discovering places, people, and things about yourself when you simply try something new.

5)В В В В В  Hold onto your sense of humor.В  It will get you through the best and worst of times of your life.В  Plus laughing just makes you feel better and can be quite contagious.


Again, these are just a few ideas.  I know that they have worked for me and many people I know.  But I guarantee you’ll feel a little better if you just try one or two out.  I mean what have you got to lose.  None of these ideas takes much time or effort.  Plus you never know you could make the day better for someone else and yourself.  You never know, you might even smile, laugh, and simply feel better.  That’s not so bad is it?  J


Article by Lauren Steen

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