A forward head position can lead to debilitating symptoms in the brain

by Prof/Dr Brian A Rothbart

Professor Rothbart publishes a bimonthly newsletter replete with invaluable information.В  Below is an excerpt from Professor Rothbart’s newsletter describing changes in brain function that can occur with a forward head position.

“Do you or someone you know have a forward head position and suffers from memory loss or migraines?В  Chances are no one has connected these symptoms (coming from your brain) to the actual source, which could be your feet.

Over my past 40 years of research and clinical experience, I have found that approximately 80% of the world’s population is born with a foot structure now known as the Rothbarts Foot.В В  The Rothbarts Foot creates a distortion of the body’s skeletal structure (bad posture).В  This skeletal distortion frequently affects the body up to and including the neck and head (Rothbart BA 2008. Vertical Facial Dimensions Linked to Abnormal Foot Motion. Journal American Podiatric Medical Association).

Looking at the picture below, notice that the head, instead of being centered over the spine (where it belongs), is shifted forward. This forward head position can be part of the postural distortion being created by a Rothbarts Foot.


Scientific literature is replete with information on how the forward head position is linked to chronic muscle and joint pain in the neck and face and associated headaches.В  What is not understood by many is that a forward head position can produce many other symptoms in addition to musculoskeletal pain, such as changes in how the brain functions.

A forward head position can, in some cases, actually diminish the blood flow from the heart to the brain by constricting the major arteries that connect the trunk of the body to the head.В  Because oxygen is transported in the blood, when the blood flow is reduced, so is the supply of oxygen.В  The further forward the head, potentially the less oxygen delivered to the brain.В  This occurs in the same way that putting a crink in a water hose diminishes the flow of water through that hose.

A forward head position can emulate the symptoms we see in patients having a tumor or occlusion (partial closure) in or around these blood vessels.В  These symptoms include:

* Migraines

* Memory loss

* Difficulty in speaking and/or slurring of words

* Balance problems, such as frequent falls

* Marked personality changes (e.g., antisocial behavior) and

* Epileptic seizures, just to name a few

These symptoms underline the importance of evaluating the position of the head when dealing with chronic pain symptoms occurring in the face and head.

When the forward head position is part of the bad posture created by a Rothbarts Foot, this head position can be corrected by treating this foot structure.В  When the proper stimulus is applied under the feet of a person who has a Rothbarts Foot, a signal is sent to the cerebellum (brain).В  The brain, in turn, automatically corrects the posture.В  The forward head automatically comes back over the shoulders, which opens up the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.В  The result can be elimination or dramatic decrease in migraines, improved hearing, vision, speech and memory, fewer falls and improved emotional wellbeing.

Do you or someone you know have a forward head position and suffer from one or more of the above symptoms?

If so, I invite you to use the Rothbart Foot Questionnaire available on my book website, www.ForeverFreeFromChronicPain.com, to determine whether or not your symptoms might be relieved through permanent changes to your posture.”

Prof/Dr Brian A Rothbart

Chronic Pain Elimination Specialist

Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy

Author, Forever Free From Chronic Pain

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