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Heal Yourself Magazine is the official magazine of Heal Yourself Talk Radio.

Heal Yourself Magazine has brought together some of the finest authors, products and reviews for the health and wellness industry. Heal Yourself Magazine is here to help you reach your highest potential.

Heal Yourself Magazine was founded by Rebecca White host of Heal Yourself Talk Radio, the popular internet Radio show that focuses on healing your mind, body and spirit. It is our hope that the online magazine will bring more enlightenment to those who are actively searching for answers.

About Rebecca White

Rebecca White was an army wife for 9 years before her husband was medically discharged.

Rebecca started Heal Yourself Talk Radio out of a desire to reach out to others and teach them how to learn how to heal their mind, body and soul. After years of dealing with depression and other physical ailments, Rebecca realized she wanted to help others learn how to deal with depression and other areas of life. Heal Yourself Talk Radio is a great starting point for information no matter what you are dealing with in your life.

Interesting Fact about Rebecca White

For those of you who have been to Heal Yourself Magazine and Heal Yourself Talk Radio before you may have noticed that Rebecca used to spell her name as “Rebbekah”. Recently she changed the spelling back to her legal version when updating her websites in May 2018. Heal Yourself Magazine and Heal Yourself Talk Radio were in bad need of an update, as well as needed to come up to compliance codes for the new GDPR rules that were to go into effect on May 25, 2018, at that time many items that were out of date or no longer available were updated to include the spelling of her first name.

Years ago Rebecca was given advice from aВ numerologist (yes, we all have our funny quirks and beliefs), that if she changed the way she spelled her first name, the lettering and way each letter was a number in the alphabet would bring her good luck. For years Rebecca went by the new spelling of “Rebbekah” rather than the legal version. At one time she was going to legally change the spelling then life got in the way, and she went back to using her given spelling. With life having gotten in the way and not taking the time to update her sites, it was not until she started to redo her sites in May of 2018 that she realized she had never updated it back to her legal spelling.

While this is not an issue with many who know Rebecca, as they were all well aware of why she changed the spelling in the first place, some people may not understand and the reason behind why Rebecca has placed this on her About page, so there is no confusion concerning why she used to go by “Rebbekah”.

The simple fact: Rebecca, like everyone else believes in hope and good luck, and followed advice given by a numerologist so many years ago, and did enjoy using the new spelling as it was a way to let go of the past and work on moving forward in the future. Upon reflection much has changed over the past several years since she first took the advice, and she decided to come to terms with her past and go back to using her legal spelling.

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