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Hay House presents Ambition To Meaning
A Life-Changing Film from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer!

Dear Friends,

I’ve just completed one of my life’s great experiences and I invite you to share it! Making my first movie at age 68 was an unexpected gift from the Universe that filled me with wonder and amazement. Ambition to Meaning: Finding Your Life’s Purpose has given me the opportunity to marvel at the limitless power of the human spirit to discover and rediscover all that we can be.

Never underestimate the power of great natural beauty to bring you inspiration, peace of mind, and clarity of thought. Ambition to Meaning was filmed at Asilomar, “refuge by the sea,” on the breathtaking Monterey Peninsula of California’s central coast, a landscape of mist and pines and pounding surf. In nature, you find yourself. The characters in our story discover a new path for themselves that too much focus on success, competition, and worldly concern almost made them miss. They find the music within that gives life real worth.

This movie touches me profoundly and I’m prouder of it than of anything I’ve done before. Which goes to show that you are never too old to learn and grow and look in awe at the teaching power of the Universe. From the kite fluttering in the wind above to the sand between your toes, there is wonder to be found in every moment. Move with me from Ambition to Meaning and begin enjoying your life as never before!



Ambition to Meaning was directed by the wonderfully talented Emmy award winner Michael Goorjian. The movie features a fine ensemble cast of seasoned actors in addition to Dr. Wayne Dyer: (in alpha order) Molly Bryant, Michael DeLuise, Portia de Rossi, Don Franklin, Ron Garcia, Ed Kerr, Ethan Lipton, Ron Marasco, Maury Sterling, and Shannon Sturges. Look for a surprise cameo appearance by Louise L. Hay in this heartwarming film about finding your bliss!
Ambition to Meaning is available in two versions: Standard and Deluxe.

The Deluxe version includes the following bonus material:

(1) Two music videos

(2) Interview with Wayne Dyer in Maui about Ambition to Meaning

(3) Fireside talk with Wayne Dyer telling stories about his life and family

(4) Michael Goorjian, the film director, talking about making the movie

(5) Extra material of Wayne being interviewed on the movie set

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Wayne will show you how you can increase your prosperity, experience vibrant health, find meaning in all you do, and live your destiny—simply by changing the way you think.

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