Are You Contemplating The Music Business? Meet Professor Pooch

Stop: No Seriously: Stop: If you are thinking about entering into the music business? Don’t do it: I mean it man; don’t do it: At least not until you have contacted this man I am about to tell you all about…

Now, if you have ever taken the time to read any article all the way to the end, please let it be this one!!! This article is a must read for all of you who are truly contemplating the music business as a lifelong career. This article will save you countless hours of grief as well as, thousands of your very hard earned dollars in probable legal fees if you do anything without consulting with this mystery man of mine first.

Now, don’t go getting your panties in a wad here ok? I am going to tell you who he is in a short while. Oh how we journalists do digress don’t we? рџ™‚ Anyhooo: Back to the man of the year. After all, that is the reason you have kept reading this article up to this point is it not? Gotcha on that one, and you know I have!! If you… yes you, are still with me here reading, then there must be something really great about this man I am keeping from you right now, huh? рџ™‚ Just hang with me here, and you are going to be so glad that you made it through all of this garbage of mine building up to the crescendo of my main music man who is the all knowing man of the music business. Ahh come on you guys just humor the old broad for a few more minutes here, and when you finally start to take your last breath out of boredom; Voila!!! Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout, you are starting to see a light at the end of this very long tunnel, and that light has a name. Professor Pooch.

Professor Pooch
Professor Pooch

Now, aren’t you glad you didn’t stop reading all of that up there? Hmmm? I know you are, and so do you. So, if the music industry is one that you honestly do believe is the business that just keeps calling your name, then you will want to gather as much information about this business as you possibly can. I have learned the very hard way from the “Music Business School Of Hard Knocks”, just like a million others have before me, and a million more after me. Unless, they take the same advice that I am about to freely give to you in order to keep you from getting your Masters Degree from the school of hard knocks.

I was so fortunate when I stumbled upon this great man of knowledge that seems to have no end to what he knows about this industry. I honestly believe if he didn’t know the answer to any question you may have, then it just isn’t something that is worth knowing. Whether you want to enter into this business as an artist, an artist promoter or, an artist manager, or, how about a record producer, a publisher, and you can even go for the biggest one of all – how to start up your own record company? The Professor has the answers to all of your questions right down to the letter of the entertainment law. Besides working as an educator and music business consultant, he specializes in legal contracts that will keep all of us out of trouble down the road in this business.

Professor Pooch, as we all so affectionately call him, [his real name is David J. Spangenberg] truly is in this business to make sure that you are well prepared with knowledge which is our most powerful weapon that we all need to have in this business. The old cliche’ has never been truer than in this music industry; KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!! Don’t ever forget that one rule of thumb in this business or, any business venture you may wander into in your working career.В  Our Professor Pooch has been doing this exact line of work helping all of us to keep our music business dreams alive, and legally safe, for over thirty years now.

Pooch started out as an entertainer himself playing in rock bands back in the day, but he was always being bombarded with business and legal questions about things that were happening to him in the business – like the time he got screwed by a major label who didn’t put his name on the song he wrote! He decided to step back and learn the business of the music business and soon many people started coming to him for the answers. He realized early on even though he himself is an awesome writer of songs, and sings a pretty mean tune himself, that he just had to help his fellow musicians out as best he could. So, he became this guru of this industry by learning all there is to know about every aspect of the music business, including the creative, business and legal ends. The only thing he doesn’t deal with is the “technical”. In his words regarding working in the studio: “I don’t know how it works, why it works, and really, I don’t give a damn. I just twiddle the knobs til I get ‘Pooch Bumps’!”

He has taken all of that knowledge of his, and turned it into a viable business for all of us to be able to go to him via his own website now to purchase his book and courses about the entire music biz. He guides people’s careers around the country about all areas of this industry, and just what to look for when they believe that this is what they want to do with their lives in the workforce of tomorrow. He, and his expertise are in such high demand that is why he did in fact create these home courses for all of us.

I could keep writing his praises here till that proverbial cow comes home. However, I will just leave you all with this bit of advice; before you ever sign your name on any legal document, or do anything for anyone in this industry please call Professor Pooch first. Your wallet will thank you later on if you do.

You can reach David at his large music business education website that follows this:

His MySpace is: [great blogs there!]

His email:

You can get all of his services right there on the web, and never have to leave home to learn all you need to in order to make a good decision as to whether or not the music business is the right career move for you to make at this time in your life. Professor Pooch has taken all of the guesswork out of the old saying of: “What If?” You don’t have to find fifteen different people to give you all of the answers you seek when you call on the professor because, you can find them all in just one man alone, who has devoted his entire adult life to making sure he knew the correct answers that we all are seeking on a daily basis in this crazy music business.

Thank You for your patience with me here today, and for doing yourself a big favor by reading this entire article that is the most important document you will ever read if the music business is the career move you are thinking about coming into at this time.

Sincerely Yours;

Ramona Payne/Entertainment Journalist

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