Autism in my family-Introduction

Excerpt from “Are We There Yet? Coming Full Circle with Autism”

Hello, my name is Rebbekah White and I am a mother to two autistic children. My oldest Alex is 15 years old and my youngest Adam is 7 years old. Alex was first diagnosed with ADD in kindergarten but that didn’t feel right as the years went on and the medications didn’t help. In 2006 when Alex was in 6th grade he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Adam was diagnosed in 2007 while he was in kindergarten. I do believe Adam was diagnosed faster because his brother has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Rebbekah White w/her sons Alex, Adam & Kyle
Rebbekah White w/her sons Alex, Adam & Kyle

With a child who hasВ  Asperger’s or autism there really is no outward physical symptom or signal that they are different.В  Over the years I have watched my son Alex being picked on by other kids because he doesn’t “fit in” or process at the same speed they do. We have come up against family members and other adults who don’t understand what either of my son’s sees or how they process their daily life.

I want to help others understand Autism and how these wonderful kids learn and how much they have to share in the world. To show them the same things I see, how unique they are, how much they give to the world, how sweet, and lovable they can be. Each one of my sons, Kyle included are a blessing from God to me and to the world. My boys have shown me so much in this world that I may have missed had they not got my attention. Later on in the book there is a story called The Ugly Bug, it is a lesson Alex taught me when he was in kindergarten that still to this day moves me and reminds me to really take a look at what is in my world.

Many times you will hear that autistic children are not affectionate and have a hard time showing love. I disagree with that! Thankfully both of my sons will allow me to hold them and touch them. While I am usually the only one that my youngest Adam will let touch him, he has allowed those HE TRUSTS touch him. I can say this in his 7 years of being on this earth I have only seen him hug or allow someone else to touch him 6 times in his life.

For instance Alex while he has always hated being touched, he gets stiff and when he was a baby he cringed whenever someone touched him. He hated being held as a baby which was heartbreaking for a new mom. Alex will come to me now and hug me once in awhile but he mostly shows his love when he bakes. Alex loves to bake!

Alex has always loved to bake and build things. I remember when he was barely able to walk, he didn’t start walking till he was 18 months old, and he would crawl around our living room tearing the coach cushions off and start to build a fort. When he was 3 years old my mother in law was watching him while my husband and I went off on a much needed adult date. When we came back she ran to our van, my first thought was that something had happened, then I realized she was beaming with pride. “You need to see what Alex built on the beach!” So we walked over to see the beach not expecting to see what we saw…a whole city with tunnels of flowing water, trees, houses, driveways, expressways etc the whole city! Alex had built an underground irrigation system with old PVC pipes that were in the barn to have the running water go around his city and down into our pond. I even asked my mother in law if she helped him, she said “No, I was weeding by the beach and was watching him and he did this all himself!” Of course I didn’t believe it till I sat there on the beach and watched him continue playing. Sure enough he spent time digging a ditch, ran to the barn and brought out another PVC pipe laid it down into the tunnel he had dug, put dirt over it and got a bucket and made water run through it. All the while with a huge smile on his face!


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