Bedtime Stories Movie Review

By Karel Murray

Staring:В  Adam Sandler, Keri Russell, Guy Pearce, Courtney Cox Arquette

Pulling on my coat, I remember thinking that “Bedtime Stories” had better be worth going out in 15 degree weather and trudging through freezing slush.  I mean, if our car had stalled out, we could have been a movie of the week ourselves…

“Midwest couple perish in subzero wind chill…when all they wanted to do is see a movie.”

Prepared for slapstick comedy and cute kids, I wasn’t disappointed.

The premise is simple… a hotel handyman (Adam Sandler as Skeeter) experiences huge life changes due to events magically created by his niece and nephew’s whimsical additions to the nightly story telling sessions.    Skeeter’s life, until this point, has been put on hold as he waited for others to honor a promise made to his father.

Guy Pearce makes a great sour faced adversary and gives us, the audience members, someone to dislike immensely.В  We all know someone with this type of conniving personality.В  Skeeter appears to be a simpleton, but in reality, he is just a nice guy.

The storyline is simple, yet well needed as we face an uncertain 2009 economy.

Get creative, stay the course, keep your promises, have fun, and get the girl.
How refreshing.

Rating:В  EO

My rating system:
OQВ В В В  Oscar Quality
EOВ В В  Entertainment Only
HVВ В В  Home Viewing on DVD for a night when you have absolutely nothing else to do
SIВ В В  Skip it

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