Bishop and Mulholland-MzMona’s CD Review Roundup

MzMona’s CD Review Roundup
Featured Artist Reviewed: Bishop and Mulholland
Name of CD being Reviewed is: “Essays and Ear Candy”

CD Reviewed By :
Ramona Payne/RSP Promotions,LLC
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There is only one way to describe the sound of Bishop & Mulholland. Techno or, to quote todays terminology, “Electro Soul”. Bishop & Mulholland is the brain child of one man named “Paul Dirks”. This is one of the most talented men of any music genre. And, if you think that you can pigeon hole him into just one way of creating his music? “NOT”!!! He has something for everyone who takes the time to listen to his new CD called Essays and Ear Candy: It’s a bit of “Pop”, It’s a bit of “Hip Hop”, It’s a bit of “Electro Slide”, It’s please give me that dance floor one more time Miss Donna Summer.

This musician, and great songwriter has captured the entire essence of a forgotten era of a musical movement, and turned it into a musical palate for your ears that stays in your head long after each song has finished playing. You will find that you keep repeating his material over, and over in your mind so much so, that you have to just keep talking yourself out of breaking into a long ago disco dance in the middle of Wal-Mart anywhere USA:

I’m not too sure if it is the way he so masterfully winds his synthesizing expertise throughout his entire project here. The songs on this CD will take the listener on a mental journey if you are among the baby boomers like some of us are. And, it is in that musical journey he takes you on that makes you wish you never had to come back. When I listen to “Essays and Ear Candy”, I am reminded of David Bowie, and Pink Floyd, and my comparison list could go on for a very long time here.

Paul Dirks truly has created himself one masterpiece here to be very proud of for many years to come. Paul also seems to be a very profound lyricist as well, and this is proven on his songs such as the number four track titled, “Babylon”. This song is short, and to the point. There is no guess work here as to what the author of this song is trying to say here. There is no grey areas on this tune whatsoever. However, what makes it so great is the music that Paul has woven in, and out of the words of the song itself. Therefore, the lyrics end up carrying the music instead of the music carrying such a short amount of lyrics.

Now his lyrics get to be even more profound on the number five track titled, “Thrill Of The Chase”. Anyone over the age of eighteen can relate to this self reflection song. Paul describes what the human mind comes to terms with about staying one step ahead of ourselves within. The “Chase”, ends up being yourself trying to stay that one formidable step ahead of yourself, and keep you from doing something that you probably will regret doing at some point in time.

I personally believe the most “Prolific Song” on this CD is track number seven titled; “Labour Of Love”. This song reaches down to the very depths of your soul, and stirs up every ounce of buried pain that lives within, but, we all try our best to keep in a dormant state because, we truly do not want to face that kind of pain. This song brings to surface all of the scars that have remained inside of each man or, woman who has had to take anothers life in the act of “War”. I don’t believe I have ever heard another more honest, and heartfelt song before in all of my forty years in this music industry. “Labour Of Love”, should be the anthem song for all nations that have had to go to war, and fight just so you; my readers, and I, can be here on this New Years Eve so, we too can say that none of our loved ones died in vain. They all died in a “Labour Of Love” for all of their families to have freedom as we all know it today:

I want to thank Mr. Paul Dirks for allowing me to review his CD on this my last CD Review of my very long career in doing this as part of my job. However, as of tonight at 11:59 pm Eastern Time, I, Mz Mona am putting down my CD Journalists Pen as this part of my life has now run it’s course. I hope all of you will read my last CD Review of Paul Dirks Project called “Essays and Ear Candy”.

I want to thank all of my readers for sticking with me throughout my journey in the musical CD writing process, and for never letting me down by not reading those reviews, and being so kind to me over the years. I am thankful to all of you for allowing me to be a part of your online lives as well these last sixteen years. The new way of the computer sure did make it much easier for us old radio journalists in the end. рџ™‚ I pray our God will continue to bless all of you, and your families as well. I also want to wish each of you the happiest of new years in this coming 2009 year of change: So, I will sign off one last time here at MzMona’s CD Review Roundup by saying that “Myspace” readers still rock, and you beat the socks off of all other online sites that have followed my industry career. Till we meet again; I just want to say “I love you” to each of you as my very own myspace family:

I do want to remind each of you that I will still be doing some great artists cd reviews as a bonus section for my new friend Rebbekah White here on Heal Yourself Magazine. I have agreed to come aboard as the Official Entertainment Editor for her Entertainment Division she has now included in her Ezine. She has taken up the torch in my stead to help get good music of all genres’ out to the masses through her online voice of the ever so wonderful, and great freedom of speech better known as the “Print Media”. I wish to thank her myself for keeping all of this alive, and well for all of the unknown artists here on myspace who would not have an outlet for getting a professional cd review done, and made available to the reading public. So, all of us in this music industry owe her a debt of gratitude for supporting my efforts after all these years to see that your music has a chance to be heard, and who knows? Maybe in the future, Bekah, and I just might start our own live radio show together so, we can showcase your cd live along with an on air interview to let the buying public know you are alive here in the musical world, and deserve to be heard. God bless each of you artists out there, and I beg of you to just keep pushing, and growing as a band, and as individual artists as well. The wealth of talent on myspace alone is absolutely staggering to me, and it should be to the rest of the computer world.

Thank You Till My Next Bonus CD Review:



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