Cancer Awareness Month

Written by Karen Jung

October is cancer awareness month in some countries.В  It is an important time to remember cancer survivors, people who are battling cancer, and those who lost their battle to cancer.В  Also, this can be a challenging time for primary caregivers who understand the pain and suffering of their loved ones during the cancer journey.

Many of us, over the years, know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer or who cared for a loved one with cancer such as a family member or close friend.В  It is a reminder that life is precious and our health can be at risk if we do not take care of ourselves properly.В  This should be sufficient reason for us to do our individual part in taking reasonable steps to minimize the risk of cancer promotion and to live a healthy lifestyle.

To reduce the risk of cancer, try to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.В  Instead, enjoy a proper and healthy diet by eating lots of colourful fresh fruits and vegetables daily and incorporating fibre, calcium and good protein into your daily meals.В  Choose whole grain products, low-fat dairy, lean meat like fish or poultry, soy and nuts.В  Avoid highly processed foods and battered and deep-fried foods which are high in sugar, fat and salt.В  Physical fitness, exercise and regular check-ups with your treating physician are crucial to maintain an ideal body weight and to monitor any health concerns.

Planning meals in advance every week can save you time, money and stress.В  Planning ahead allows you to eat well.В  Cooking meals at home is a healthier choice because you can control the ingredients, amount and type of fats, sodium level and calorie intake.В  By controlling your food intake, you have a direct impact on your cholesterol levels.В  Preparing meals at home can be relatively simple, fun and affordable.В  In my new book, Healthier Eating and Living with Cancer, the large selection of easy-to-make recipes is practical for any busy household.

Karen Jung is the author of Healthier Eating and Living with Cancer.В  Her recently published book has received numerous praises and positive reviews from prominent cancer and health organizations in Canada, the United States and United Kingdom.В  With over 20 years of health care experience, she served for 12 years as Director of Human Resources in various large hospitals in British Columbia, Canada.

For more information on Healthier Eating and Living with Cancer, visitВ  Books can be purchased through your local bookstores or with, and

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