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Featured Artist Reviewed: Ledbetter Heights:
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I hear elements of “Creed”. No. Wait. I hear a bit of “Darrius Rucker” from “Hootie, and the Blowfish”. Gosh Dang!!! I’m at a loss for words here! Unheard of for an Entertainment Journalist. However, I truly was at a loss when I first put “Ledbetter Heights” CD in my player. This group of musicians are the combination of all the great bands over the last fifteen years which in essence, has allowed them to come across with a wonderfully fresh, and unique style that can only be deemed their own. They have set the bar a notch higher for all those who dare to follow after them in the new rock genre of the twenty first century.

LBH is a band that will have you on your feet from the first note of their opening song, to the last note of their closing song during their concerts. As a music journalist I cover every genre of music. So, when I had the time to listen to all of the songs on their latest CD I was completely blown away with their real, honest, and soul wrenching lyrics that so flawlessly melded into their haunting guitar riffs on each song. As par for the coarse for most of us; when we buy a CD we always buy it for the one song that is getting the most radio airplay at the time. I can say with all honesty that is not the case with LBH’s project, and you certainly will not be disappointed with one single song on this CD. I don’t believe this band could perform a song badly even if they wanted to.

And, a perfect example of this being true to form for this band can be heard throughout track number five titled; “Strangers”. One can almost feel the total loss of self this young man is singing about. It’s as though; if by some chance he can find the salvation he is seeking through the looking glass of strangers. You believe he will find himself once again made whole by the reappearance of someone he lost so long ago. In all this structured chaos is a very moving song that touches the recesses of ones inner self to finally make their way back to whom they once were.

The next song I want to focus on here is track number eight titled; “17 Days”. The music alone in this song is more than enough to carry this song all the way through without one vocal being sung. Fortunately, the lyrics are just as powerful, and heart rendering to keep your ears glued to that song right up to the end, and leaves you wishing there were at least two or, three more verses left to be sung. From the opening riff of the guitar to the first word of the chorus you feel like you are the person in that song. LBH is certainly in tune with their audience when it comes to them being on the same playing field with everyone they are up on that stage singing for. It is my opinion only that all of us can identify with whatever demons lie buried deep within these awesome young entertainers, that has instilled some deep rooted fear that can only manifest itself through their music. I believe it is that musical fear that has allowed each of them to write such prolific lyrics that gives creedence to who they are as a band up on that stage.

And, finally, the last song on LBH’s CD I want to focus on is the number nine track titled; “Daybreak”. This song tells about the dilema we all find ourselves in from time to time. It is a trap we’ve set up for ourselves through our own sins, and lies until it’s too late, and we’ve finally run out of time. We can’t seem to find any redemption for our lonely souls, that we’ve willingly let our webs of deceipt open the door to that hell, we have lived a lifetime creating with a small glimmer of hope, that in the end, we can somehow escape ourselves. Alas, at daybreak we still wake up with the same person we went to bed with, and nothing has changed at all. We still arise believing that we can take anything the world has to throw at us. And, so we do my very fine young men, and so we do:

LBH has written one very fine story about love, life, loss, angst, and the fear of living in the unknown one day at a time. If I were still giving out stars on my CD Reviews; I would have to give LBH’s newest project a twelve indeed. Good job my friends. I hope to hear more from you in the future. Your band is a new star on the horizon, and I do believe that you will all continue to burn very brightly for a very long time to come.

To all of you who wants to buy this groups CD just go to their myspace page, and purchase it from there or, you can buy it directly from their own website as well. So, don’t miss out if you like some seriously great rock music.

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