MzMona CD Review Roundup-Preston Swift

MzMona CD Review Roundup:
Featured Artist Reviewed: Preston Swift
Name Of CD Reviewed is: Self Titled

CD Reviewed By Ramona Payne/RSP Promotions,LLC
Entertainment Journalist/CD Reviews/Artist Interviews
On Air Personality/Emcee Live Shows For All Genres Of Music:

Preston Swift
Preston Swift

Hello Everyone, and welcome to a bonus CD Review this month. This review is for all of you who are jonesin’ for a bodacious bad ass rock groove to jump start your rock, and dare I use the old cliche’ “Roll” for one of the coolest new groups about to burst on the rock scene like that proverbial “Bat Out Of Hell”. So, just sit yourselves down in your favorite chair, and take a ride back in time with “Preston Swift”. This band is going to be a household name after they blow the doors off of each venue they perform in, and all of you will be praying they will be in your town real soon.

“Preston Swift” is a group that consists of four brothers!!! That’s right; I said four brothers. So, you can always count on that family atmosphere of them performing like the well oiled machine they are. Their tight harmonies are just a given here. You will enjoy this groups ability to truly bring you an old sound of rock from our not so long ago past. However, they bring with them a new freshness to what was our days gone by with their great melodies on their own material. They will transport you to the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties; you get my point by now: They have so much going on that this group has something for everyone to call their own brand of rock.

The lead guitar player is Doug Perry, the guitar virtuoso who can hold his own with any, and all players on the circuit today. His prowess on that instrument is what really pulled me in from the onset of the actual music aside from his brother Luken Perry’s vocals. Luken sings all of the lead vocals for the group. The next up would be Rob Perry on the bass guitar, and final brother to be introduced is John Perry on the drums: I do believe they all have a hand in the backup vocals department, hence, the tight harmonies when warrented.

I do believe that “Preston Swift” has great staying power once they hit the National Radio Airplay Charts. They are such an infectious group of young men that, once you get bitten by their style, and groove you won’t be able to get enough of them. They truly are one of the rare dying breeds left to us to keep good rock, and roll alive here in America. As long as they continue to do what they are doing now, everyone who hears them will be asking everyone else…. Have you heard that new group called “Preston Swift”?? Man they totally rocked the house the last time we heard them perform live!!! What better compliment to a band than to have their fame spread by word of mouth along with all of their PR Team. I personally do believe this band will be a household name soon after their record company releases their first single. Please keep an eye, and ear open for this great new band on todays Rock Horizon:

The first song I want to focus on here is the number two track titled; “Go Baby Go”. Luken Perry takes lead vocals on this song, and he sings it with wonderful passion. He does remind me of the eighties rock band called the “Stray Cats” featuring “Brian Setzer”. The major difference here being; Luken has added his own flavor if you will, to his vocals thereby, surpassing the vocals of his predecessor “Brian Setzer”. This is a song that has you out of your chair, and dancing around your bedroom with the hairbrush in your hands singing to yourself in the dresser mirror. “Go Baby Go” is aptly titled because, you really want to “Go Baby Go”, on that ride that Luken is taking you on.

The second song I want to draw everyones attention to is the number three track titled “Ballad No 1”. This song will automatically take you back to the group known all over this planet as “Queen”, featuring “Freddy Murcury”. Again, a case of hearing this young mans talent in a different genre altogether which, in my opinion is a gift he has been given to sing in any genre he chooses to. Anyway, I digress here; You can almost feel the pain he is expressing in this song over a lost love. His vocal capabilities really do shine on this song with such feeling, that he cannot stop that feeling from being transmitted to the listener. You will agree with him at the songs end that he will never forget that deeply felt love for the one he lost.

The third song I want to mention here is the number four track titled; “Master Plan”. Once again, Luken takes me to an arena filled to the rafters with fans at an “Aerosmith”, concert. This song is the total package for every die hard rock fan. You can honsetly hear where he is coming from in this song because, it also showcases the writing talent within this awesome group of young brothers. You will find yourself once again tapping your feet the instant this song comes on because, he is telling all of us that we are like those monkeys in the local zoo. I find it to be so very true from one so young to have such in depth insight to human behavior. Totally loved this song the best: But, I cannot be biased. рџ™‚

My fourth, and final song I want to also share with all of you is the number five track titled; “Arabian Jelly”. Here the vocals make you think of an early day “Beatles” song with the “Yellow Submarine” influence coming from “John Lennon”. I’m not telling you that his vocals sound anything like Johns; only that this is a song that the “Beatles” could have done very well. Lukens vocals are hauntingly great on this song, and of course, Dougs guitar prowess speaks for itself. This song is almost tongue, and cheek but, it too is so infectious that you find yourself replaying it over, and over because, it is a combination of all the aforementioned bands that I have compared them to in this review. However, the end result for these great entertainers is this: They sound like “Preston Swift”, and that ain’t a bad thing at all. I honestly do believe that this is one band who truly doesn’t have a clue yet just how great a band they are, and the potential for their future is extremely limitless indeed. I say that because, their greatness lies in the fact that they don’t know how great they are. But, we all do.

Thank You.

Until My Next Bonus Review,


Mz Mona
Mz Mona

Entertainment Journalist Ramona Payne has had over 40 years in this music industry in one form or, another: She started off in Radio as a DJ, and years later went on to become an Entertainment Journalist: Her very first artist interview was with none other than Elvis Presley himself when she was a young lassy of of only 18 yrs. old, and she has been going strong ever since: She not only does CD Reviews for established artists but, she also works with, and does CD Reviews for the up, and coming artists of today as well. She has interviewed more artists than even she can remember at this point in her long career.


I want to let all of you know that I will be featuring one of her new artists reviews each month until further notice.

She has agreed to come on board as Head of our new division titled; Entertainment For Every Genre Of Music; Featuring the CD Reviews of Ramona Payne CD Reviewer, and Artists Interviewer as well.

For more information and to listen to Preston Swift’s music visit them at their My Space page В

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