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The power of VIDEO! Those who have been receiving my newsletters will know that HYTR and Heal Yourself Magazine is now using Easy Video Producer! The easiest and fastest way to use video online with no HTML knowledge required, upload and produce your videos with only one click of the mouse! PLUS its FREE to a limited amount of people, so if you are looking for an easy way to add video to your site this is the tool to use!

Enough about Easy Video Producer, I just love to talk about new software and tools that help make my business run faster and smoother I just had to explain a little about the product.

Thanks to this wonderful new technology we will be able to produce video newsletters faster and easier, so be sure to sign up for our new Video newsletters below to receive our first video newsletter in the upcoming week!

I will be introducing you to Buffy Lauer Heal Yourself Network’s new partner and PR Rep!

If you are already receiving our TEXT email issues through Constant Contact, please be sure to sign up to the new Video newsletters as we will be discontinuing our TEXT email’s for this new and exciting form of communication!

You will be able to personally get to know myself and Buffy through our bi-weekly video newsletters plus we will be bringing you new and exciting ideas, tips, shows and product reviews through our video newsletters!

-Rebbekah White

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