Community Pulling Together-My heart is glowing

In these tough times as people are faced with job layoffs, financial difficulites, and other stresses sometimes its hard to find inspiration and hope.В Today I was shown that while we are in tough times, there are still people out there who are happy and give to their community.

My husband’s company is closing their doors. While the news wasn’t really something we were not expecting it still was a shock to us when the “reality” hit us. At first we were scared and wondering how we were going to take care of our 3 boys, two who are teenagers you know how much they eat LOL, and my father in law. Food goes out of this house faster than it comes in рџ™‚

But today an angel came to us! My mom called me to tell me that their church Bedford Christian Community was doing a food drive for their community. A huge truck filled with 50,000 pounds of food to be given away to anyone, regardless of income who wanted the food!

Being able to go and have canned goods and more given to us was a light in the dark-A shining beacon of hope at that tunnel of wondering and worrying…

At first I didn’t want to go, because right now there are more people out there that need it. My mom told me that the church wanted to help everyone and that I should go and get at least one box of food.

So I got up this morning, and went….

I drove into the church parking lot surprised to see so many volunteers helping-directing traffic, smiling, happy to see you and welcoming you to the food giveaway.

I felt tears well up in my eyes! So much of our lives is filled with bad news, with people hurting people and here was a group of people who truly cared about their community.В People smiling and wanting to help, there were all ages there-teenagers, senior citizens, people from all walks of life helping. It was freezing cold out and we are expecting 4-6 inches of snow yet there had to have been over 250+ people out there bundled up and smiling!

I will be the first person to say I have not been to church in a very long time, not because I am not spiritual or do not love God. But to be honest because I was afraid to go back after so many years of not going.В В I felt like I would be judged because I haven’t been to church in so long, but after today and seeing so much love I will be going back to church and taking my kids with me. I was welcomed with open arms, a smile and genuine love flowing out of everyone I turned to look at….

In these tough times we all need to pull together, help those around us, and forget the negativity that is poured into us day in and day out by the media!

Thank you Bedford Christian Community Church for sharing your love and for being a shining beacon of hope you changed this woman’s perspective on life today! As I am sure you will make a difference in many, many lives today!

-Rebbekah White

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