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The Feel Free to Prosper Program was created by Marilyn Jenett and I was priviledged to be a participant of this program over a year ago and still today I follow Marilyn’s teachings for changing your mind-set, you can read my testimonial below.В The wording below is part taken from her website Feel Free to Prosper, to read more about the program please go to the Feel Free to Prosper site for all the details.

The Feel Free to Prosper I Create My Body Program is a unique lesson and mentoring experience that is based on a mental technique for losing weight that I discovered many years ago from a great New Thought teacher. I have used the technique over the years to maintain my own weight.

InВ 2005, I decided to conduct a formal test of the technique with a group of volunteer participants to prove the effectiveness of this method, which had not been revealed to the mainstream, for the purpose of potentially offering it as a Feel Free to Prosper program. Before I endorse a principle or technique to the public, I want to see enough results from the general public to support it.

The resulting testimonials from that “body prosperity challenge” showed me the value of the technique and this was supported by the results that continued to flow in from this program, which I subsequently created. You’ll find many of the testimonials below. I now offer YOU the opportunity to lose weight in a natural, effortless way – by gently shifting the subconscious dominant thought. You will no longer think of yourself as having to “lose weight.”

You are not required to change anything thatВ you are doing at this time.В You are to merely apply the principles as instructed and let your subconscious mind do the rest. Any changes in your habits or routine would be inspired from the inside out…naturally…not from any will power or forced action. You can use the technique along with anything else you are currently doing with respect to your weight.

Read more about The I Create My Own Body Program here

Rebbekah White’s Testimonal

Rebbekah White
Rebbekah White

When I first approached Marilyn about her I Create My Body Program I was overweight and depressed. It was coming into summer and I so dreaded getting into that swimsuit for our annual 4th of July family get together. I had no motivation, didn’t even want to pop in another exercise video and try to lose the 15 pounds I wanted to lose in order to feel good for that gathering.

I signed up for Marilyn’s class and within a few days had talked my hubby into getting me a bike so that I could get off my chair and get moving. Marilyn suggested I do something I really love…I love to bike ride but had been putting off getting a new one for ages…well, with Marilyn’s suggestion I went out and got one.

Not only was I seeing a change in my body as the weeks went by but also a change in my hubby’s attention, the self confidence I was gaining back, and the way I felt after bike riding.

During that first month and a half I lost 10 pounds just by changing the way I thought about losing weight thanks to Marilyn’s program and support.

If you have struggled with the “not another diet program” blues, then this program is for YOU! It is not another one of those dreaded diets that make you feel like you are depriving yourself. This is a total body makeover from the inside out!

Thank you Marilyn

Rebbekah White
Owner of Heal Yourself Talk Radio

P.S. Update November 2008-I still follow Marilyn’s teachings and have since lost an additional 12 pounds and well on my way to being the size 10 I have longed to be since learning from Marilyn.В While things in my life put me behind a few months, I started over again this summer and have gone down from a size 16 to a size 12 using Marilyn’s teachings as well using the Hot Burning Body Workout by Vanessa Bader another speaker from Heal Yourself Talk Radio. Listen to Marilyn’s interview on Heal Yourself Talk Radio and Vanessa Bader‘s interview to hear a more personal review of both of these wonderful ladies programs.


The I Create My Body Audio Program includes:

  • The 90-minuteВ recording of the interactive telephone group mentoring session in two formats. You can download the high quality mp3 recording to listen on your computer, burn your own CD or upload to a portable player.
  • The streaming audio recording on the website – just click and listen. Best for dial-up connection or for instant gratification. Fast forward and reverse options are providedВ for your convenience.
  • A transcript of the call that contains all the important highlights.
  • The I Create My Body Lesson which is based on Lesson One of the Feel Free to Prosper prosperity program and has been adapted for this special program.
  • Access to the I Create My Body Network Forum exclusively for the students of this program to interact, support each other, share tips and receiveВ guidance from me.

Start your journey to successful weight loss today join the I Create My Body Network Today!

Listen to Rebbekah White interview Marilyn Jenett on Heal Yourself Talk Radio Click Here

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