Introducing our newest expert the Letting Go Pro Darren L Johnson

Darren L Johnson is an expert on Letting Go of StuffВ® and is known as the Letting Go Pro. He has written and published numerous articles on letting go. In 1994 Darren created and began teaching Letting Go of StuffВ®.

Dareen L. Johnson "Letting Go Pro"
Dareen L. Johnson "Letting Go Pro"

During his twenty-five year career stint, Darren has worked with fortune 100 companies such as General Motors and Nissan, USA. As a speaker and consultant he combines personal experience, theory on change, and proven methods – all leading to success for his clients in the process of letting go of stuff.

In 2009 he founded the National Letting Go of Stuff Day and in 2007 founded a 501c3 NGO called the Global Business & Organization Development Foundation.

Though the Darren L Johnson is a personal development coach and an expert on letting go, the responses you receive about your specific situation is not being offered in leiu of or as therapy and/or counseling. If you act on his advice you agree to hold Darren L Johnson, InsideOut Learning, Inc., and the owners of and any of its affiliates free from any and all liability that may result from your actions.

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