Developing a Beautiful Character

by Rebbekah White

Like it or not, your character is plainly written on your face.  Your actual facial expressions are affected by the thoughts you think every moment of every day.  Indeed, the fountain of youth has already been discovered by those with a commitment to developing a kind and wise heart.  It’s accurate to say that beauty starts from the inside out!

What you think has a whole lot to do with how you look. Your physical body is an external expression of your heart. Since your thoughts and your motives mold your physical appearance, it’s important to think quality thoughts!

“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”В В  This Scripture is repeated in numerous texts throughout the world.В  The person who thinks pure thoughts, thoughts not dirtied by complaining or jealousy, will be the most attractive.В  You want to develop the habit of thinking the best about others, looking for the positive even in the most difficult of situations.

If necessary, seek counseling to unravel some of the deep issues that have you chained to anger, shame, rejection, etc.В  This healing will allow you to think more clearly and positively.

It’s really not always the handsomest person who’s the loveliest. A lady can have plain and regular facial features, but by thinking beautiful thoughts she may become very good looking. On the other hand, a person with a crabby attitude will have a mouth that droops down at the corners and more wrinkles!

It’s pretty amazing when you think of it – you actually have the power to become more attractive by developing a beautiful character.  And positive character development involves a skill set that anyone can master.  Your fountain of youth rests in your own hands – and heart!

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