The Importance of a Proper Diet During Cancer Treatments

Written by Karen Jung

A proper diet is essential for patients undergoing cancer treatments, including chemotherapy.В  A healthy diet helps you to withstand aggressive cancer treatments better and to prepare for the next cycle of chemotherapy treatments.В  In addition, a good diet gives you the necessary physical strength to exercise during cancer treatments.В  Drinking plenty of water daily helps to keep your body and skin looking healthy, too.

It is very important to enjoy a variety of foods daily from the four food groups:В  vegetables and fruit, grain products, milk and alternatives, and meat and alternatives.В  Eating properly, regularly and on time are crucial during cancer treatments.В  A combination of smaller meals, larger meals and/or frequent snacks every day is vital.

During chemotherapy treatment an individual’s appetite and taste for certain foods changes.В  Other common side effects of cancer treatments include nausea, weight loss and constipation.В  A variety of meals to help maintain or increase weight is outlined in my new book, Healthier Eating and Living with Cancer.В  Weight gain can occur in some situations with the use of prescribed steroid medications or unavoidable reduced physical activities.В  Lower-fat meal choices are also included.

Chemotherapy drugs target cancer cells and damage healthy cells in the process, too.В  Cancer-fighting and antioxidant-abundant foods for cell repair are included in many of my recipes.

During cancer treatments and post-treatment recovery when eating is more challenging, high-energy and high-protein foods are important in one’s diet.В  High-fibre, potassium-rich and calcium-enriched foods are helpful during decreased physical activity days and to conquer the side effects of prescribed medications.В  In my book, menu suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snack ideas, including recommended recipes during and after cancer treatments, have proven to be very useful.

Karen Jung is the author of Healthier Eating and Living with Cancer.В  Her recently published book has received numerous praises and positive reviews from prominent cancer and health organizations in Canada, the United States and United Kingdom.В  With over 20 years of health care experience, she served for 12 years as Director of Human Resources in various large hospitals in British Columbia, Canada.


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