Announcement of Entertainment For Every Genre Of Music addition to HY Magazine

I am proud to announce Entertainment Journalist Ramona Payne to the HY Magazine Family. Mz. Mona as most people on My Space know here as,В has had over 40 years in this music industry in one form or, another.

She started off in Radio as a DJ, and years later went on to become an Entertainment Journalist.

Her very first artist interview was with none other than Elvis Presley himself when she was a young lassy of of only 18 yrs. old, and she has been going strong ever since.

She not only does CD Reviews for established artists but, she also works with, and does CD Reviews for the up, and coming artists of today as well. She has interviewed more artists than even she can remember at this point in her long career.

So, for all of her loyal readers here online; I want to let all of you know that I will be featuring one of her new artists reviews each month until further notice. She has agreed to come onboard as Head of our new division titled; Entertainment For Every Genre Of Music; Featuring the CD Reviews of Ramona Payne CD Reviewer, and Artists Interviewer as well.

Welcome on board Mz. Mona!

HY magazine will be posting Mz. Mona’s music review tomorrow! Be sure to stop over look at our well rounded magazine with movie reviews, product reviews, articles and starting tomorrow music reviews!

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