Evolution of YOU-Create Your Own Evolution of Dance Video

How do you follow up on one of the world’s most popular viral videos? Allow people to get into the action and play along.

A new website (www.eod2.com) featuring a viral application based on the video sensation “Evolution of Dance”—the most watched user-generated Internet video all time, including over 100 million views on YouTube—launches today to help put a smile on people’s faces and give them a break from economic stresses, international worries and financial and political scandals.

In Evolution of YOU!, get an exclusive first look at some of the dances and music in the upcoming EOD2 video. Just add an image of yourself and/or a friend, celebrity or even a pet, and watch them groove to tunes while dancing through different stages of their life with inspirational comedian and renowned Evolution of Dance star Judson Laipply. Embed, email, download and send to everyone you know!

It’s simple, fun, and designed to help people take a break from economic and holiday stresses and share a laugh with friends. “Evolution of Dance 2”—the sequel to the 2006 video that took the Internet by storm and helped put YouTube on the map, will launch in January with a sneak peek on television and in partnership with a major Internet video site.

But beyond the joy of dancing with Judson is a more serious offering: The site’s sponsors, Saveology.com and PeopleJam.com are designed to help consumers handle today’s tough times both economically and emotionally. Comparison shopping website Saveology.com helps consumers save time and money by finding them the best values and enabling one-stop purchase and scheduling of essential services from cable and internet to wireless and insurance. And PeopleJam helps people make life on a budget a better life by offering advice, feedback, support and other related and relevant products.

Have fun, relax, and get into the holiday spirit. And do it while learning how to save money and better deal with today’s stressors.

Here’s my version of the dance рџ™‚В I had SOOO much fun creating this video…my kids and I were laughing our butts off hehe…

Now I am off to add some of my family and friends to this video…have fun!В Post them on your blog and come back here and post a link in the comments section I would LOVE to see your VIDEOS!!

My Boys had fun making this version:

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