By Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D.

Feng Shui Harmony, and Good Energy Flow Location for Events, Meetings and Workshops
This past weekend I attended a three-day workshop to gain knowledge in the speaking for wealth arena.

As a Feng Shui Consultant the first things I notice are positioning of the building along with interior forms, entrance and sha chi which are negative energies coming at, yes pointing at, the building.В  It was a beautiful replica of an old Italian villa.В  Situated at the entrance and exit of the busy 405 Freeway in Manhattan Beach, California, it has so much rushing traffic flow in all directions.В  This might be disturbing at first glance but because it is a hotel and the visitors are just that – visitors coming and going, it is not a detriment to the bottom line due to the location. On the contrary, the hotel is well positioned, viewed by all the vehicles rushing by.В  In feng shui theory if a house were to be located next to a freeway or rushing traffic that would not be such a good thing.В  The result of that is like a rushing river taking your possessions with it and so it is not recommended.

The entryway was a very large automatic sliding door which opened to a gorgeous marble and brass impressive staircase.В  Similar feng shui principles apply.В  If the front door of a house opens to a stairway leading up to a second floor, it would be bad feng shui because the chi or energy entering would not be able to be contained and allowed to meander to the other rooms of the house.В  In this case, the doors are constantly open to the outside and the staircase, although looks like one set of stairs, at the landing splits and leads to secondary stairs to the right and to the left of the building.В  Considering that chi or energy travels in and out quickly, and that customers are not in the rooms for a long duration, it does not adversely affect the visiting occupants.

The table in the center of the room and between the stairs and entryway was a great buffer that slowed down the rushing chi entering the front door.В  The orchid plant in the center could have been larger to absorb the fast flowing energy entering the lobby.

The interior design was a pleasing luxurious European inspired decor with lots of charm.В  It was a pleasant experience to be surrounded byВ  the luxury of a well groomed fountain courtyard and fireplaces with big comfortably cushioned armchairs.

The ballroom where the workshop took place was peaceful and with good feng shui seating relative to the stage and presenters.В  Incorrect placement can also affect the outcome of an event.В  The event hosts chose a very good location to have such an event and it proved to be very successful not only monetarily but the people in the room experienced good energy that promoted a sense of healthy environmental well-being.

Dr. Anna Maria Prezio, author of “Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster” is a feng shui expert,  speaker, and environmental and spiritual coach.  For more information, go to www.prezio.com

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