Five Reasons Why Your Acne Keeps Getting Worse

All of us have experienced acne at one point in life. Some people have had it smooth clearing their skin, while for some people, it has been a train wreck. Acne can be categorized into blackheads or whiteheads, pimples, pustules, or cysts. There is no single main reason why you get acne, but there are many reasons why it worsens.


Young people have a habit of consuming fatty, greasy foods that may not be healthy for them. Some studies indicate that diets rich in sugars and refined grains cause acne. Foods like bread, cereal, pasta, rice, sodas, and honey contain more refined ingredients than healthy ingredients, which can lead to breaking out of your skin.

Refined carbohydrates are quickly digested and absorbed in the bloodstream, which then raises sugar levels in the cells. High levels of sugar in your cells is not a good situation, as it can cause acne. There are a few theories about how dairy products cause acne. Milk can increase insulin levels in the body, which can lead to massive skin breakouts.

Instead of consuming all these refined foods, switch your fatty meals with Omega 3, turmeric, vitamins A, D and E, and some green tea, which reduce inflammation in your skin.


The first and most significant thing that can worsen your acne is your pillowcase. Pillowcases pick a lot of dirt from our hair and other things while we sleep. How you maintain your pillowcase will determine how your face will look. Cotton pillowcases collect a lot of dirt from the surroundings, which is then transferred to your face when you sleep.

Switch up your cotton pillowcases with satin or silk ones as they do not act like dirt magnets. Silk also contains vitamin A which is good for your skin. Ensure you change your pillowcases every two to three days.

Other than your pillowcases, how many times do you scrub your face? Scrubbing your face will ensure you exfoliate, and it will open up your pores to allow breathing and healing. Sporty and active people sweat a lot, you need to make sure you clean your face with the right exfoliators to prevent a build-up of dirt. You can also use a face mask or a scrubber once or twice a week to exfoliate.


Not all cosmetics are made from healthy ingredients for your skin. Some cosmetics contain highly refined ingredients that can clog your pores if you do not take good care of your skin. It is essential to read the ingredients of cosmetics you use because they might be the reason why you have breakouts or your acne is worsening.

If you have acne, it is advisable to use water-based cosmetics, as they do not create layers on your skin, which leads to clogging. Reduce the amount of oil you put on your skin because your oil glands are doing the same, so too much oil will clog your pores.

To reduce the amount of oil on your face, you can use a gentle toner to wipe your face or use masks containing sulfur. If your skin has broken out, you should not be afraid to hide the blemishes. Find the right foundation for your tone, as long as it is water-based, and go ahead with your regular makeup routine.


Not everyone is favored by the medicines we get; some meds can cause acne. Drugs like anticonvulsants, steroids, lithium, and medications containing iodides or bromides that can cause acne.

If you are suffering from a breakout, and you decide to get over the counter drugs, make sure the drugs do not have harsh ingredients that can dry your skin out. These drugs are meant to dry out the acne, but prolonged use can dry out the skin, too, which will lead to the skin producing more oil, leading to zits.

In addition to this, the drying effect of the drug can burn the skin around the acne leading to red spots, which will be harder to conceal using makeup. Instead of using an acne spot treatment, apply a small amount of hydrocortisone cream to reduce the inflammation.

Dress Code

Anything that can trap heat, bacteria, or sweat on your skin, like a headband or hat, can lead to acne break out. Clothing made of cotton or heavy materials will trap heat, which is an excellent surrounding for bacteria to multiply and cause acne. If you have a tendency of wearing hats or headbands, ensure you wash your face and hair after that to eliminate all the dirt you might have collected.

Other than hats, our hair can also be a culprit of your acne. People who have a habit of wearing bangs or having their hair on their faces a lot suffer from acne breakouts. The reason for this is that the shampoo ingredients we use to wash our hair are harsh; hence, once they get on your face, they corrode the skin leading to red spots.

When washing your hair, make sure the soapy water flows backward away from your face. Then wrap your hair and wash your face to clean out any soap that may have gotten on your face. The detergent in your washing machine should also be soft as the fabric is the first thing that comes into contact with your skin. If it is too harsh, your skin will definitely react to it.

Some job occupations might expose workers to industrial products that might lead to breakouts. You can wear protective clothing to protect yourself then exfoliate later on.

There are so many things that can lead to acne or worsen it for you. Make sure you maintain good hygiene, use the right products for your skin, and follow your doctor’s advice on the medicine to take. Acne should not lower your self-esteem since it’s normal. All you need to do is find the right method to control them.