Fruit & Juice Mondays Introduction

Starting Monday July 13, 2009 will be our first Fruit & Juice Monday here on Heal Yourself Magazine. We are joining Viveca Stone-Berry from Adrenal Fatigue Be Gone in her weekly Fruit & Juice Mondays.

We invite everyone who is interested in joining us to post on their blog on Mondays about their Fruit and Juicing efforts. Here on HY Magazine I will be publishing recipes, tips, ideas and more on Mondays to give you a better resource for Fruit & Juice Mondays.

Along with this idea I will be doing more introducing of the Raw Food diet as well.

So many of us are sick and we don’t have to be!

I have had the priviledge to interview TOP experts in their fields on Heal YourselfВ  Talk Radio in the field of Raw Food Diets and whole food diets such as:

Raymond Francis-Author ofВ  “Never Be Sick Again”

ChefВ  Tina Jo Stephens-From Splendor In The Raw

Gerard Kielty-The Health Scan

The above speakers all agree on one thing, getting back to eating raw foods. Viveca and I believe that just by adding in one day a week it will help more people to start revamping their diet habits. We are starting out in baby steps. While in the long run you will want to really change your diet, I am right there with you, I need to start out slow. It’s going to be hard to change 36 years of eating habits.

The more research I do the more I know I need to change what I am putting into my body. I will be posting about my own experiences as well as my kids and husband’s as well. Yes, my family is going to join me in at least one time on Monday drinkingВ  fresh juice from our Jack LaLanne Juicer.

I purchase my Jack LaLanne Juicer about 8 months ago and did very well for about 2 weeks with juicing everyday, however I only juiced and as I have learned over the past few months you need to still eat as well. I am Polish and I LOVE my food. Not only was just juicing bad for my health and body BUT I loved food too much to stick to a strict just juicing diet.

So follow Viveca and myself each Monday as we post back and forth ideas, recipes and tips on juicing and adding more raw foods to our diets.

Should you like to participate please let us know in the comments section of either of our blogs, we are currently looking for others to join in the community and will be adding a button that you can place on your website stating that you are participating in the Fruit & Juice Mondays.

We will also be adding a page on our sites linking back to all participants so please let us know.

Feel free to add any comments below, add recipes that we will also add to our sites and any other suggestions.

To your health!

Rebbekah White

VIDEO FOR JACK LALANNE JUICER-This is what I use and I love it! I will be adding other products that I use along the way, my next appliance will be a dehydrator.

Order your own Jack LaLanne Juicer today!

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