Get a $400 Christmas Bonus, Courtesy of the IRS!

ByВ Bill Young

You probably won’t get a Christmas Bonus this year on your job or self employment; but you can get one from the IRS!

If you qualify, you can get a Christmas Bonus of $200-$1,000 this Christmas season, from the IRS. The average is $400.

Actually, this Bonus is available to you Every Month if you have a job or own your own business.

What would you do with an extra $200-$1,000, take home pay every month on your job?

  • Pay bills
  • Buy presents
  • Help family members
  • Save to buy a home
  • Save yourself from foreclosure or bankruptcy

An increase in income of this magnitude can be the beginning of a fresh start for you and your family financially; it can even save you from bankruptcy or foreclosure.

HUD, the Federal Housing and Urban Development Agency, says that an increase of a family’s income of only $500 more per month could prevent “a substantial” number of foreclosures.

Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard researcher, has found that an increase of only $300 more per month in family income, could prevent 1/2 of all the personal, middle class bankruptcies occurring in this country.

How does one qualify for this windfall?

The IRS says you qualify for this little known program if you have a qualifying home based business. That is one you work with the intent of making a profit and work at least 20 hours per month.

Once you have your home based business, you can get the IRS to give you the same, awesome tax breaks reserved for businesses and the wealthy.

To start, your income taxes will be slashed 40-50%.

As a business owner, the IRS will help you pay:

  • Gas for your car
  • Your children’s day care expense
  • Your son’s Air Jordans
  • Your health insurance
  • Your own retirement fund
  • And much more…

Talk to your financial advisor or CPA to see if you qualify for a Christmas Bonus this year.

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