Going Green & reducing household expenses

Going Green not as hard as you might think
Going Green not as hard as you might think

The hot buzz words these days are “Go Green” , “Save Money”, andВ “Frugality”. What most people do not realize is that these ways of life often go hand in hand.В By being frugal and doing what you can to save money, you usually are also being kind to our environment.

When you reduce your household expenses you spend less money, which means buying less and that requires less merchandise to be made by manufacturers.В If these manufacturers are not using some form of renewable technology to make these products and run their factories, said companies are emitting carbon dioxide and other pollutants into our air, water, and soil. These emissions cause natural habitats to vanish . For example fish and plant life cannot exist in water that is extremely polluted. These emissions can also cause health problems for humans. Some emissions are known carcinogens, or cancer causing. Emissions can also cause respiratory problems and skin diseases.

By using less of a product or by making your own cleaning products at home less of these products need to be made in a factory. This is very easy to do by using common household ingredients. Baking soda will clean sinks, counter tops, and bathtubs. Rubbing alcohol will clean glass and mirrors. These common ingredients are safe for you, your family, and your pets and are extremely inexpensive to buy.

Cooking from scratch at home has more benefits than just keeping more money in your bank account. If you buy products with little packaging you reduce the amount of trees being chopped down and not replaced. This increases the quality of our air, as trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Recycle all the paper you do use to be reused to make new paper products, thereby further reducing our need for virgin wood material. Same goes with all your recyclable plastics. Cooking from scratch is also much more nutritious than eating convenience foods or eating in restaurants. You know what is in your food, you know how it is cooked and tastes better. If you have a special diet you can easily accommodate that at home.

Two very basic and easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint: turn off your lights and use energy efficient light bulbs. Yes, these light bulbs are more expensive to buy, but they last months longer than traditional bulbs, saving you money. They use less energy, which results in less energy needed to power your home and this saves emissions put out by our power plants. Make sure everyone turns off the lights when they leave the room or are doing something that does not require a light to be on, like watching television at night. Unplug appliances when not in use and you do not need them to be on at all times, like your microwave, coffee pot, and cell phone charger.

If everybody did one thing, however small that might be, to help reduce their carbon footprint, not only will it help save the environment it will save you money. Most people are cost conscious these days and that is a good thing. By watching how we spend our money we can slowly rebuild our economy, repair the damage done to the earth, and be more financially sound as individuals. If everybody works together, imagine the wonderful world we could create!

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