HERBS AND GOOD HEALTH ~ A pairing for summer foods~

Summer brings the need and the desire for light and easy foods.

Fresh fair from the garden is plentiful in most places, even if one doesn’t have a garden spot of their very own…we have the farmers markets, more and more main stream grocery markets are stocking fresh and local foods, and CSA farmers all across the country are growing for your good health.

When food is picked from the vine, plant, tree or stalk, it immediatly starts to lose nutritional value.

Again when it is packed in cold storage trucks for long hauls across country and some packed for shipments across the oceans, it loses even more nutritional value..

Then consider the fact that much is harvested long before it has reached the nutritional balance stage, so another loss.

By the time it gets to your dinner table it is nothing more than a shell of what the body needs to nourish and foster good health.

So…finding and opting for the freshest of foods is nothing short of a must if nutritional value is a priority.

Add herbs to a table set with fresh garden foods and your nutritional line up has just sky-rocketed.


Just look what you get when you eat 1 small cucumber- add to that a small tomato, some sweet onion, a few spinach leaves, chives, and a handful of oregano leaves…and you have a mighty powerful lunch .

AВ healthy pasta dish and dinner is served up in healthy fashion.

Add fresh local vegetables and herbs to your summer menu and rack up the rewards~

Bea Kunz



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