Herbs For Tea~~from Soil to Sip~

Spring is the time for turning the soil, putting into action the dream plans made during the winter days of hebernation.

The time when sunshine warms the air and little green sprigs start to burst through the soil to greet the gardener and her many plans for the season.

Here at Sage Hill Farms there is always one more tiny bit of space to be cultivated, one more spot that needs that special touch, one more idea for an herbal tisane or recipe that is just pleading to be tried.

If one is at all tuned into the happenings and the status of the world around us, we have to know the link that is missing for many is simply ” a connection to something greater than self.” What better place to find that connection than in the garden…be it a large sprawling design and function, or a small space on a patio or porch that holds life and beauty from the soil.

One tiny plant from one tiny seed can bless us with many cups of warm and soothing tea or tisane.

Many hours of restful reflection on planting, caring, and harvesting our own creation.

Many meaningful conversations with a good friend or a total stranger of the why’s, and how to’s of our display…our garden…our herb garden.

Oh…and by the way, don’t forget to name your garden, give it that special recognition, it in turn will do the same for you.

My favorite herb during the early days of spring is the romantic Thyme.

Kipling wrote, ” wind-bit thyme that smells of dawn in Paradise.”

Thyme makes a delicious tasting and wonderfully medicinal tea for spring troubles such as: colds and allergies.

The delicate clove-like flavor of thyme complements almost any food, making it a perfect tea for meal time.

Thyme is very antiseptic and a great digestive aid.

A pot of Thyme Tea…

4 cups of boiling water
4 teaspoons of dried thyme leave (or) a handful of fresh sprigs.

Lemon, honey or stevia to taste.

Place thyme in the boiling water, cover and steep for 5 to 7 minutes…longer if you prefer it stronger.

Pour and add you speciality…

I trust you will have a beautiful experience in your own garden space this spring…and do share.

Bea Kunz
Sage Hill Farms

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