It Takes a Village? Words Hurt No Matter What You Think….

I read this letter on Facebook and posted this long rant and decided you know what I am putting this up on my online magazine. This needs to spread far and wide….

A woman, in North Dakota, В who in her mind feels she is doing the right thing really has no idea how what she is planning on doing on Halloween will affect children for the rest of their lives….below is the picture of the letter, then you can read my own words from my own past experiences in my own life as well as my children. I have one child who due to severe depression but on a lot of weight and heard awful things from not only friends but family….I know what it can do to anyone’s self esteem….and I will NEVER tell another child something so awful so mean! This woman is going to do this publicly, on her porch, giving the skinny kids candy while handing these letters to kids SHE FEELS are overweight:



This is so wrong! If she truly wanted to help these kids she would be more caring….really! Like children don’t already have enough self-esteem issues. If my kids got one of these letters I would be so upset….I hope that by passing thisВ around parents will know if they see their child get a letter they take it from their child before those kids read it. If she truly cared she would give out healthy snacks or a small toy or something, not single out kids….from what I heard, the “skinny” kids will get candy and those who in HER opinion are “obese” will get this letter….so just singling them out on her porch surrounded by all these kids, who are going to ask “What is in the letter” because those who got candy are going to think they are missing out on something….know what I mean. There is ENOUGH bullying in the world what right does this woman have to lecture a child and their parent….what in her mind may be obese in another’s is not….being a parent with kids who have social issues, I hear enough lectures about what people think I should do, and in MY OWN OPINION MIND your own BUSINESS! You don’t know anything about those people’s private life! You don’t know if that child has a medical condition, or is on a diet and mom and dad are helping him….whatever. I get so sick of people, family included putting their thoughts into how I raise my KIDS…you DON’T know my kids like I do….and NO stranger is going to tell me anything about how to raise my kids either….UGH!@

“It takes a village to raise a child” yes that is true BUT it does NOT take a village to ruin a child’s self-esteem….and if this woman wanted to be part of “the village that helps raise my children” she can get out! That is not helpful….I am so upset this is awful! I see what bullying does to children…I see how hard WORDS can ruin a child no matter how much support they have from their families…..all it takes is THAT ONE harsh word from a stranger or a family member something that hits the kid in the GUT to send them out of control…depression, thinking they are worth nothing, thinking their parents are not telling them the truth when they tell them that no matter what they are loved, and can do anything because that ONE PERSON was so mean to them it broke their spirit! Don’t tell me words don’t hurt!

I know from past experience words hurt a LOT! They do much damage even if the person THINKS they are helping….verbal abuse even if said in what others think “is guidance” is STILL VERBAL abuse and those scars stay there for LIFE even when a person tries to forget….and forgive those words will pop up in their minds at the worst possible times in even an adults life…..WORDS DO HURT! I don’t care who you are or what you think….WORD DO HURT!

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