It’s a Beautiful World

I was having a horrible week a month ago, feeling so down and out of body…nothing I did got me out of the slump, I felt like the world was against me.В I had to create a video for my radio show Heal Yourself Talk Radio so I went slowly to my computer really not wanting to do this work.

After starting to work on the video and finding the perfect music “Its a Beautiful World” my mood lifted and every time I start to feel like the world is coming down on me and I cannot find anything beautiful I play this video.

Despite everything that goes on in our day to day life there is always something beautiful around us!В You just have to dig deep and find what will make you see this, for me it is music….music that is upbeat, makes you dance, makes you think, makes you realize that life is not so bad рџ™‚ This helps me…

What music inspires you?В Post a comment and let me know and I will look for the video and post it on Heal Yourself Magazine.

-Rebbekah Lynn White

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