Just Another Day in the Life with Lupus

Yesterday was a bad day both mentally and physically. To be honest the day didn’t start out bad at all. However as I was driving back from taking some rare photos of a B-17 dark thoughts hit me and I started to go downhill.

I wrote the below on Facebook trying to explain how I was feeling. The output from friends and family on Facebook was something I honestly was not expecting. I didn’t write it to say “poor me” but to get it out of my brain. Get those feelings out in the open. Sometimes coming to terms with your feelings can help you move another baby step forward.

Facebook Post:

One day Lupus is going to win…there is no more denying that…20 years living with this disease…I want to take a minute and tell all my friends and family that I love you.

I may not have been the best friend to many of you and it was honestly not by choice, but I won’t try to explain again the daily struggles with this disease, as it usually falls on deaf ears and people don’t believe me anyway… just know I have loved each and everyone of you in the best way that I could.

No I am not depressed, nor am I suicidal so do not panicВ В ….I am being honest, and coming to terms with my body. I will keep fighting as I always have…the best way I know how: my family, photography, my clients, and helping others when I am able. To help others build something they love, and are proud of gives me great joy and a sense of accomplishment… showing off my photos of life as seen through my eyes… Each day begins a new…love each other, spread joy, and be happy!В 

Thank you to everyone for their encouraging words! I try not to talk to much about my daily life living with Lupus because I don’t want to burden anyone with how I feel. But sometimes you have to get it out there so others know that you are struggling….even if deep inside you don’t want to tell anyone. I am a strong woman, but I have my days.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with a disease, or wants to write articles for Heal Yourself Magazine send me an email or post a comment below. I would love to have Heal Yourself Magazine become what it used to, a safe place for everyone to share their thoughts and feelings on any topic.

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