Knowing Movie Review

Starring:В Nicolas Cage, Lara Robinson, Rose Byrn, and Chandler Canterbury

by Karel Murray

This movie had me at “hello”.В В The movie “Knowing”В starts with us watching a small girl (Lucinda Embry) being tormented by whispering voices that only she can hear and a flashback to the innocence of the 1950’s.В Completely focused on transcribing what she is hearing, this child sets to paper a list of what appears to be random numbers.В В Sealed in a time capsule for fifty years, the message is finally opened by another child, Caleb, who begins to be plagued by the same whispering voices.

EnterВ John Koestler (played by Nicolas Cage), a loving father who just happens to be an astrophysicist.В To the normal person, this list would only be a jumble of symbols.В But because of the date of his wife’s death, which is seared into John’s mind, he discovers a pattern in the message… dates of major disasters, the number of people killed, and the location of each event …startling accurate over the past fifty years.

This movie takes us from one incredibly intense accident scene to another.В There were several times I actually winced and recoiled instinctively, thinking that the airplane or bus were actually going to careen into my theater seat.В Thankfully my husband is used to the bodily reaction to sudden digital violence.

Interesting concept and good acting makes this a movie worth seeing for a fun night out.

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