Messages of Hope for 2009 and Beyond

This planet needs messages of hope for 2009 and beyond. And much of that hope depends on what you choose to do with information that has been brought to you. As you watch the foundations of your belief systems crumbling into the dust of the illusion, we bring you messages of hope.

Choose wisely, now. Examine all that has brought you to this point. It is essential that you get out of your egos and begin to see that those of you that dwell on the Earth are not alone. What you do affects all beings, even if you do not understand it to be so. The longer you stay in your earth-bound root chakra illusions, your perceived wounds, the more challenges you will have in this area, for the time has come to “grow up.”

You already are able to hear communications from other beings and from disincarnates. Instead of taking these and putting them into an ego bound presentation, be willing to learn discernment as well. For there are many disincarnates and many beings with their own agendas. This is not “bad” but it can mislead you and others, particularly if you are attached to “being right” or “predicting” that only serves to glorify you.

The information you receive is not necessarily true information, simply because you are receiving it. The truth of the information depends upon the giving and the receiving filters and also depends upon choices. Not all is etched in stone. You have free will and can thus change the course of events that are not “written.”

Time is an illusion and is multi-dimensional. Some information comes through the filter of that multi-dimensional framework and filters into the earth plane as what “can” happen. Shift consciousness enough, shift thought forms enough, and you have the ability to change a “future” prediction.

And again, you must use discernment in channeling beings. There are many that know that their own “future” has much to do with what you do. Did you ever consider that possibility or are you simply attached to making true and correct predictions? How attached are you to being right? How attached are you to hearing whatever you want to hear simply because the ego is attached to its position? If you are willing, examine these things at their very core.

The energy that you will want to channel is the energy of Love and the energy of change and hope, not the energy of ego driven agendas, including your own.

Give yourselves up to Love. Distance yourselves from your root chakra desires. Begin to understand fully the systems of exchange you have created and how utterly distorted they have become as they are built on nothing but illusion.

Honor yourselves in every way and honor the energy of others, instead of taking what is given as an act of Love without thought of returning your energy in some way. To not exchange is to dishonor Love.

Realize that you are not separate and are not inconsequential and perhaps that helps you give up the need for ego recognition and the illusory pieces of paper and ostensible power that may follow whatever energy you put out to the world.

Learn to co-create your lives from the root, as you are biologically designed to do. All mysteries have answers and so many simple answers are here on your planet if you would only get back to the basics of how things are intrinsically designed to operate.

Remove yourselves from fear. Let go of the past, not by ignoring it, but by facing and resolving it. Fear blocks love and love is the root of all creation. Love lives as hope encased in a very tiny seed. And to grow, that seed must be planted, and tended to, and watered. If you do all this and yet truly believe that your seed will not sprout, or will sprout as imperfect, then you have fed your seed that energy and therefore that is what will come up along with it. Then you reap the fear that you have sown and you use it to feed yourselves with, thus begetting more fear.

Release all fear. It serves you not. You are safe. You are guided. You are protected. What you are really afraid of is having your illusions shattered.

You do not need money to live. You have chosen money as your form of exchange. The way your system is set up, this could easily change overnight. Someone in a position of perceived power in your world could proclaim that money is worthless now, but what has real value now is beads. And how easily that would reverberate around your world, and then many will believe it to be true, and thus start collecting and hoarding beads instead of understanding that neither beads nor money have value.

Exchange, energy exchange is what has value. Learn discernment because it takes you out of fear. Learn and practice energy exchange because that is what has value and it is what your course correction is all about. Those that refuse to understand about how energy flows and those that insist upon remaining firmly stuck in their points of view, perceptions, and perspectives, and attachments to the way things should be, are those that block their own path. Truly.

And you have dishonored yourselves by giving your power away to pieces of paper and your perceptions of the power they hold over you to make you happy, to define who you are, to solve your problems, to make you whole. Energy is what is real and what cannot be destroyed. You’ve heard that Love is the strongest power in the universe, but you have yet to take that in as truth.

This year, 2009 is a pivotal year for this to be taken in as truth in a mass consciousness kind of way. Put as much energy on this as you have recently in trying to bring yourselves pieces of paper, and watch the power of this truth come flowing into your lives, like the sweet water it is, quenching an undeniable thirst.

You have a long way to go, but you also have the very powerful energy flowing between you of the group dynamic, due to the technology advances you have made. This is where the hope is. If you begin to use the technology you have built to relay messages of Love and hope and kindness to each other and through each other, you have the ability and the power to shift your entire paradigm and very quickly.

Start at the root. Refuse to engage in any activities that do not bring you joy. Examine and discover what does bring you joy and begin to create your lives around that. It is our hope that you take heed now and be willing to do something to shift your consciousness.

Align not with what you THINK is real and what you’ve been taught is real. Align now with the Truth. Remember that we are with you, and know that wherever there is hope, there is Love. They grow together as One. It is our hope that you will now begin to grow together such as these and then come together as the Oneness that you are.

With All Blessings,

Dyan Garris – Free Angel Card Readings Online

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