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What an exciting trip! As I posted last week before I left town this has always been a dream of mine to do a LIVE show for Heal Yourself Talk Radio and this past Friday I was able to. I can’t wait to post the show up on HYTR as of the time of this post I am waiting on the file to be sent from the station, so be on the look out for the link to the show later this week.

Rebbekah and Buffy in studio
Rebbekah and Buffy in studio

We left at 5 pm est on Wednesday night in our rental car and made it to New York state by 1 am est. However lol we didn’t realize we had stopped in NY state till the next morning Buffy and I actually thought we were still in Pennsylvania LOL that was how tired we were when we stopped.

The trip went smoothly we arrived just in time for the VIP party in Providence RI at Olive’s for those participating in the Discover You Expo. I met many wonderful and fascinating people at the mixer and had a chance to finally meet in person Deborah Beavouis and Andrea Frase hosts from Dreamvisions 7 Radio network that Heal Yourself Talk Radio is a part of.

Many of you may not know what a clutz I am when I am nervous so I am going to open myself up for a few laughs LOL, I haven’t been to offline mixers or networking groups in a long time and with the mixture of nervousness and being in the car for 7 hrs prior to the mixer I was a ball of nerves. When I got to the mixer I was all calm but wouldn’t you know it when I went to sit down not only did I miss my chair and almost fall flat on my face but I managed to spill a portion of my glass of wine on my shirt.

After the mixer we left Olive’s to drive another hour and 45 minutes to Buffy’s sisters house where we would be staying. Linda thank you so much for your hospitality and letting us stay at your house it was like staying at home.

Dave, me and Zach Producers at WBNW 1120 AM Boston's Talk Variety
Dave, me and Zach Producers at WBNW 1120 AM Boston

On Friday we woke up to a ton of rain! With my naturally curly hair that is not something you want to happen especially when you are going to be having your photo taken, wouldn’t you know it my hair kinked up and in all the photos looked shorter than ever LOL. But all is not lost LOL I had such a great time doing Heal Yourself Talk Radio live in the studio and everyone made me feel like I had been there several times before. Dave and Zach did a wonderful job of mixing and producing the show and I have to thank Dave for taking photos during the show. I can always count on one of these wonderful guys to make doing HYTR so very easy for me. Thanks guys for putting up with my ball of nerves before each show and for always being on top of everything! I couldn’t ask for better producers!

HYTR’s special guest speaker was Al Cole “Mr. Romance”. It was the first time I got to see the whole face of Al Cole LOL as his trademark is his wonderful blue eyes. What a great time we had during the show talking about Romance Over 40, I got a little homesickness and started to talk about my husband who to his embarrasement I found out later he was listening, I shared a few stories and got a little teary eyed рџ™‚ LOL

After the show Al took both myself and Buffy to this wonderful little restaurant near the studio were we spent a great two hours just talking.

On Saturday we woke up and went into Boston for a little site seeing, next time I go to Boston I want to walk the Freedom trail and get more photos but being on a rush schedule this time we were only able to hit a few spots like the North Church and see Paul Revere’s Statue. On our way to the North Church we passed a memorial with dog tags that was started to honor all the men and women who were lost during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Dog Tags Memorial
Dog Tags Memorial

We stopped for lunch at a wonderful little Italian restaurant and the food was awesome! I love authentic Italian food and the atmosphere was fun and relaxing. I had great time shopping and finding souveniours for my family as well.

On Sunday we went to the Holistic and Wellness expo in Providence RI and was there for a couple hours. The booths were exciting and feeling all the high energy in the event center was exciting. We met many people we would like to eventually have on Heal Yourself Talk Radio and gathered alot of wonderful information from the booths. I have a couple that I truly believe will be a perfect fit for HYTR so be on the look out in the near future for some announcements from HYTR.

Rebbekah, Deborah & Andrea hosts of Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network
Rebbekah, Deborah & Andrea hosts of Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network

Before we left for our 12 1/2 hr trip back home, we met with Deborah Beavouis (owner of Dreamvisions 7 Radio network and host of Love by Intuition) and Andrea Frase (host of Sacred Bridging Healing Conversations).

I had a wonderful experience with a gong cleansing, I have never had such an experience before and I left with such a high vibration it was an experience I would love to be able to do again. I need to go through all my information so I can publicily thank the owners who did this for me, once I do I will post it more here and will do another post all about my experience.

We pulled into our homes at 1:15 am est just in time for snow and ice storm it was a trip trying to keep my big van on the road but so wonderful to walk into my house to have my husband and boys still up waiting for me to walk in the door!

Well that is the trip in a nutshell thank you to everyone, I had a wonderful trip and thank you to Buffy who drove both ways due to my “fear” of driving LOL yep even I have things I fear рџ™‚

Till next time

Rebbekah White

Rebbekah in front of WBNW 1120 AM Call letters
Rebbekah in front of WBNW 1120 AM Call letters

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