My youngest son with autism

Excerpt from “Are We There Yet? Coming Full Circle with Autism”

“My children are my world, and it is my hope that by sharing with the world my sons stories and their differences that it will help those who do not understand Autism get a better feel for their differences and like me celebrate them. By sharing their stories it is my hope to open the doors for communication and awareness. There is nothing I would honestly change about my sons! They are my reason for being here on earth. All of my sons God sent here to teach me and others a lesson in love and understanding”-Rebbekah White

A Few of Adam’s Traits

  • He does not like to be alone
  • Is affectionate but only with me, and a small handful of people-when he chooses to be affectionate to someone he gives all of his love to that person!
  • Takes a long time before he trusts anyone
  • Does not like to be touched by people without his knowledge, you cannot just touch him without his permission even on the shoulder as this frightens him. ONLY when he decides will he allow people to touch him
  • Does not like socks that go above the ankle or that have the stitching at the end of the toes
  • Sleep issues-from never sleeping to sleeping to much it all depends on the stimulation he has during the day, so we never know when he will be going to bed.
  • Very picky eater
  • Will not sleep in his own bed, fear of being alone
  • Has to be touching me, reassuring himself that I am here
  • Loves his computer games, this boy can do things on the computer that amazes me
  • When he finds clothes that feel good to him he is hard pressed to change those clothesВ so I can wash them, he especially loves soft blankets and sweatpants. There are times where to my chagrin he goes to school wearing what he did the day before, while yes I could force him to change, this only makes thing worse and in my eyes as long as they are still “clean” I will allow him to go one more day in the same clothes. That night we will discuss with him all evening that he needs to find another set of clothing that is comfortable to him to wear for the next day. This usually works рџ™‚
  • However-when he has a stressful day he will shed his clothes. In fact when he first started going to school he would get off the school bus and start removing his shirt and pants before he even got into the door. After we realized this was a sensory issue and started following what his teachers told us to do we no longer have this issue.
  • Is obsessed with cars-he has over 500 matchbox cars!
  • Has to drink a certain milk and only the milk from our local Kroger store

Adam is well loved by everyone who meets him, he is a very happy and lovable child most of the time.В He is no different in that aspect than other children. He is overcoming issues with peers and actively starting to interact more often with his peers.

I do have to thank his teachers and for the early diagnosis. I do believe because of the early diagnosis and my understanding of autism because of Alex’s hard time in the early years, Adam has a better step up in the world than Alex did. However both boys are doing great and there is help on the way. I will be writing more about treatments and supplements that we will be starting for the boys in the upcoming weeks and months.

I have been more active in the boys autism in the recent months as it processed in my own mind. To me my boys and our life is “normal”. I do understand to others it is not, for this reason many times I didn’t talk about them having autism or I stopped trying to “defend” them to others. I didn’t want to defend them, I just wanted others to understand them and love them the way I do.

I honestly could go on and on with the differences between the boys and what issues they face in their day to day life, but it is my hope to bring more attention to the good things they do and the lessons that I have learned from them.

There is so much information out there on Autism YET so many people still do not understand Autism.

This I believe is my mission and why God gave me two wonderful children with autism. I won’t sit here and color coat the issues and I won’t tell you that life is all good, we have days were I wish things were normal and then there are days when my boys-all my boys-share something with me that I would have otherwise missed!

As of this writing, we are not sure what causes autism. There are many theories and some strides in what causes autism. I am not here to talk about what causes autism, vaccines or food or other issues, I am here to show the world that all special needs people have a place in this world and if we only pay attention we could learn a lot about ourselves and others in the process.

Rebbekah White


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