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Featured Artist Reviewed: Fixer
Name Of CD Reviewed Is: Before The Sun:

CD Reviewed By Ramona Payne/RSP Promotions,LLC
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FIXER-Photo by Warren Holden-From center to back-Evan R. Saffer, Rev Swank, Tommy Zamp, and Adam James

Hello Everyone, and welcome to another bonus CD review. This is my first one on a band that I truly have agonized over for days on which 4 songs I wanted to focus on here for all of you: It is so very unfair as a CD Reviewer by trade, and Music Critic to come across a CD as great as this one is, and know that I can only choose 4!! But, I have finally made my choices on those 4 songs that I will be telling you about after my write up here telling you my own personal feelings about this band as a whole. Simply put; They will blow your socks off with their first note, and you will not move from where you are sitting, standing, squatting, or, lying down. You truly will just let all else fade to black around you, and you will become one with this band from the first song to the last song, and saying to yourself; “Self” what just hit me? I have been impressed with so many of the new bands that are out today but, this band is absolutely one you are sooooooooo going to want to go see live, and you will want to buy everything this band has available to the buying public now, and in the future. All of “YOU” know that I am one for telling you like it is when it comes to any of you spending your money on a CD or, if I think there is only one song that is worth your time to listen to. And, I have always told all of you when I believe you should not waste your time to go see them live, and don’t spend at least twelve or, fifteen bucks for one song. Well. I am laying it all on the line as a professional here with this band to tell you to run don’t walk to your nearest music store outlet in downtown anywhere USA, and buy this CD for yourselves. You will never for one nano second be sorry that you did. You too will become as big a “Fixer” addict as I have become in such a short period of time.

You can also buy their CD as well as all of their merch. at their own websites. Go to or,

What I want to say to all of the bands that have come before is this: You are all awesome in your own right, and you will have a following that will keep you on the charts for a long time to come without any doubt whatsoever: However, this is a band that we will judge every band by as the days “Before Fixer, and the days After Fixer”. So, that should tell everyone that these boys are here to stay, and they will be a force in the rock industry that every record company on this planet will be doing their best to talk them into signing with them. And, believe me folks there is plenty of room for all of these great bands to share the stages, and the spotlights with: So, no need for all of you other artists, and bands to start sending me death threats on this review: We all have an opinion, and this just happens to be mine. I am entitled to have it just like you are entitled to have yours. If you just think about it for a split second here;В you were all very pleased with the reviews I have done for all of you here online too. So, just cut me some slack here on this one ok?В рџ™‚

“Fixer” is a band that could easily go completely heavy metal if they chose to. I personally am glad that they did not go all the way in that direction. But, I will say to others in that field to just move over, and make room for a new, and great addition to add to the melting pot of what all of you are doing yourselves. I hear so many different aspects of the greats that have gone before them in their own unique harmonies, and some very sensual, and prolific lyrics that this group has written. On some of these songs you will hear a bit of Korn, and then on another level you will hear Godsmack, as well as Reliant K,В not to mention CoHeed, and Cambria or, here’s one that you would never even guess to include in what they are capable of doing in the studio; how about adding the Eagles to that list. I have not heard such great, and extremely tight harmonies in any other band since the Eagles. And, yet, you will hear them in this group. And, one last group I will mention due to the fact that not unlike the Eagles they ruled the airwaves in the seventies, and that is a group that we all still talk about today; “Journey”. I know what I hear in some of these songs is the wonderful, and great Steve Perry, and then just to mix it up a bit for all of us; you will even think you just heard a bit of Bon Jovi in there as well. End result onВ all of those comparisons is this: You will be hard pressed to beat this band because, they can only sound like who they are the best band to come to light since all of those other greats have. They are the band to keep your eyes, and ears on in this twenty first century. They are “Fixer”, and no one on the air sounds like this group of young men do today or, I doubt you ever will hear anyone who can beat them by the end of this century either: Of course, I am only giving my own personal opinion here. So, don’t take my word on anything I just wrote here. Go out, and buy this CD “Before The Sun” for yourselves then you get back with me, and you tell me if I missed my mark on this band by anyones stretch of their imagination:

This band will take you on such a fast paced, high energy ride that they will leave you gasping for air at the end of each song.

The lead vocalist “Evan Saffer” is so on his game in each song that he just keeps taking you to the mountain top just to see how long you can hang with him. His bandmate on lead guitar “Tommy Zamp” will make your skin tingle the way he makes that guitar just stand up, and talk to your musical soul. And, you cannot ever get enough when it comes to these last two guys; on the bass is “Adam James” along with his cohort that keeps that bottom end up right, and tight; on the drums “Rev Swank” will rock your world with those sticks of his for sure. I truly love the way this entire band as a whole knows exactly how, and when to play off of each other to give you a show that just can’t be beat by even the biggest name acts out on the tour circuit today.

If American Idol ever allowed bands to enter their competition game of whose who on their show? Well. I am of the firm belief after listening to “Fixer”!!! They would win the title hands down. I just want to add here that even my own “Grandmother” would fight to be in the front row of any Mosh Pit where this band is playing a gig. рџ™‚ Of course, she will have to fight me to get there. I want to also say to “Fixer”; You are a great band, and I am praying that all of you will stick together, and never change the formula that you are using in the studio at this moment to create such great work: Please don’t ever do anything differently or, let the record companies talk you into trying something new just for the sake of doing it. I know that all of you have heard the old cliche’, “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”.В You ain’t broke my friends, and you do not need fixin’.

I know you are all sayin’ to yourselves about now; Finally. Can we please get to the songs to be featured here?В Yes we can, and we are, right now:В рџ™‚

My first song I want to tell you about is track # 3 titled “Goin’ Down Without It”. Again, let me say this; Even “Steve Perry” would have to stand in awe of the lead vocals done by Evan on this tune. This is a very sensual song if you pay close attention to the very cleverly written lyrics. It still has the fullbodied impact that he was going for in this song talking about the gut wrenching way his heart is broken because, his girl is taking her love away in the end. However, you can still feel, and hear the hope in Evans vocals at the songs end even though you picture him sitting at the bottom of an ocean when he decides it’s time to rise above all that adversity, and pick up his broken heart, and just keep moving onward through all of the future fog he may find himself in.

My next song is track # 4 titled “Before The Sun”. This too is a song that would make the lead vocalist of “Godsmack” weep. As previously stated in my aforementioned write up. I would love to be in the front row of their Mosh Pit on this song. This is a song that makes you feel like you would have no fear whatsoever if you did actually die Before The Sun came up. The harmonies are absolutely the tightest I have heard since the group “Eagles” burst into musical history forevermore with “Seven Bridges Road”. So, in spite if the sun is coming up or, going down in this song you truly are left with a sort of Gothic Warm Fuzzy Feeling due to some of the lyrics being a bit on the dark side. Bravo: I loved this song:

My next choice is track # 7 titled “What It’s Like”. Now this is where Evan brings to the table a complete array of singers gone by in our musical past. He gives us a mixture of “Bon Jovi”, “Steve Perry”, “Steven Tyler”, and even a bit of “Glenn Frey”, all in one to have one of the most original, unique, and mesmerizing voices of this century in the rock world. This song has such an impact on the listener that you are taking a ride to the ends of the universe, and back again. I think, just so you can tell everyone around you what it’s like to endure that lost love feeling one more time from a new, and highly charged perspective. And, yet he makes you feel with his vocals that all will be alright with you, and your world with the new day dawning.

And, my final choice to showcase here is track # 10 titled “When It Comes To You”. Ooooooh be still my beating heart: I must confess that this song is my favorite one by far: And, that is saying something as they all are great songs unto themselves, and each song will without a doubt in anyones mind stand on it;s own merit. This is one of the best ballads I have heard in many years. Once again, I must add here that the job done by Evan on this song would make even “Sir Elton John” stand in line himself just to get this mans autograph. This song is all about lovers giving it up to each other from the very depths of their souls, and you know that they only live, and breathe for each other. The lyrics as well as the music are very haunting in nature, and I found myself comparing this song to the great song “Open Arms” by “Journeys’ Steve Perry”. This group will set the rock world on its keester, and when the rock world rises again they will be giving this band every award there is to give in the musical world, along with way too many accolades for them to even comprehend at this time in their careers:

It was a true honor to do this review of one of the twenty first centuries new groups that is just coming over the horizon. When they hit that “Super Star Status” I hope they will still be the same band that I just did this review for?

Until My Next Bonus Review:

MzMona:В В Out:

Mz Mona
Mz Mona

Entertainment Journalist Ramona Payne has had over 40 years in this music industry in one form or, another: She started off in Radio as a DJ, and years later went on to become an Entertainment Journalist: Her very first artist interview was with none other than Elvis Presley himself when she was a young lassy of of only 18 yrs. old, and she has been going strong ever since: She not only does CD Reviews for established artists but, she also works with, and does CD Reviews for the up, and coming artists of today as well. She has interviewed more artists than even she can remember at this point in her long career.

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