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David Cooke
David Cooke

What does one think automatically when you hear or, read the word “Snail”? Hmmm? Well, my mind has always leaned toward that little tiny shelled creature you will find washed up on a beach somewhere. This time you would be wrong in your assumptions that I am referring to that little creature. I am in fact referring to a very talented singer/songwriter who seems to have his own personal little muse sitting over his right shoulder. His real name is David: That’s it folks, simply David. I do not know his last name because, I have been so taken by his powerful vocals, and his very capable writing abilities that I honestly forgot to ask him his last name. That makes me the “Journalist” look pretty bad from a professional standpoint now doesn’t it?В However, once you hear Snail sing I don’t think you will care too much what his last name is either.

What I will tell all of you is this; Snail; whose last name really is Cooke; I had to mess with David just a little bit; anyway, David has his pulse set on a time gone by for all of us baby boomers of the late seventies, and eary eighties. His is a voice that is so relaxing, and moving that his vocals will remind all of us who actually remember what a great time the seventies was for such greats as “Gary Puckett & The Union Gap”, along with “Seals & Crofts”, and not to mention the likes ofВ the late great “Dan Fogelberg” just to mention a few. I won’t take you on a walk down memory lane with me due to Snail;s way of taking me there automatically. I just want all of you to know that when you put this CD in your players you will be transformed to a place, and time in your life that only you will remember where you were, and who your love of the moment was at that particular time.

David Cooke has such a melodic way of easing you into that little corner of your mind where you will want to keep playing his song “Almost Feels Like Summer”, over time, and time again. This is a song that just seems to take all of your cares, and worries of the day away at the first note of the song right up to the last note is played.

David is not only a wonderful songwriter, singer, instrument player, but he also produced this entire CD. I don’t know exactly how many different musical instruments that David plays because, once again, me being the consumate journalist, рџ™‚ forgot to ask that question of David during interview time. I think I am beginning to slip here a bit folks, comes with doing this for way too many years I guess? рџ™‚ Now, back to the real reason I am here today is to tell you that you cannot go wrong when you buy this man;s CD to have in your personal collection.

The next song I want to center your attention on is his very hauntingly beautiful song called not to punn myself here but, the title is quite befitting this one; “Haunted”. This song will make every man, and woman remember that first real crush that you had during your formidable years in highschool. Just when you think it has left your mind forever because, you have grown into a woman or, man now, and then on the wings of the wind one day or, just driving down the road it will hit you all at once, and you go back to that time, and place when you were so in love with that person that you just knew you were going to die if you couldn’t have them for your own. Very strong vocals that make you remember whether you want to or, not. You simply have no choice witht this song; my friends you will take that little trip mentally though it be against your will.

As if that song wasn’t prolific enough for you when you get to the song on this CD titled; ” Found”. This song is not gender biased at all. If you are alive, and your are over the age of; oh say; thirteen; you will be able to identify with this song from some time in your past. When a man or, woman goes through a breakup with that one person that you thought would be in your life forever only to find forever was just a word one uses to pasify your other half at the time. When we all experience these breakups we go inward. So much so, that we just feel totally lost. We tend to put up every self defensive wall we can muster up within us. And, then one day you meet another person that actually breaks through that wall of defense, and you feel like now you are found once again. You all know the kind of song I am talking about here because, we have all been there. So, I think this is the one song on this entire project of David;s that all of us will feel drawn to the most. I have played his CD many, many times since receiving it from him. I must say that there is not one song on this CD you won’t find a place for in your own hearts.

I am only one little voice in the great sceme of things in this musical world we all live in. But, I would sure hate for any of you reading this CD Review right now to miss out on this great piece of work made by Mr. “Snail” David Cooke. When you go to his page, and listen to the songs he has on his sondboard on his page, just be prepared for everything else around you to all of a sudden slip into the background, as he comes to the forefront, and takes you to a nice little secluded beach with a beautiful waterfall gently falling down. You will immediately focus your attention on what each song has to say to you on a personal level, and you will competely immerse yourself in a time gone by for so many of us to re-enjoy thanks to Mr. “Snail” David Cooke.

So, to rap this one up I am suggesting to all of you to go to my profile page, and click on the picture of Snail, that will then give you the link to his own website where you too may purchase one of his most soul smoothing works to date:

Thank You, Untill My Next Review:


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  1. Mona! Thank you for all your support and appreciation of what I try to do with my music. The next cd is slowly taking shape and I hope will be as good as the one you reviewed. I will certainly try to make it so without it being a carbon copy. рџ™‚

    Lots of love to you and yours from me and mine,


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