New Teacher Tips – How to Set Up a Special Education Classroom

By Dorit Sasson

If your child is in a special education class, it is imperative that several things should be in order in order to maximize the learning conditions and subsequently their achievement.

In order to facilitate the learning, a special education classroom should have a special desk arrangement. Desks should be arranged in rows in order to minimize the amount of distractions caused by group and paired learning.

Another way to cater to the various levels in a special education classroom is to set up a learning center around various stations that allow for hands-on fun or educational experiences depending on the educational background of the student. Learning centers in a special education classroom should also provide a variety of activities and themes which ultimately makes the learning purposeful.

An additional way to set-up a special education classroom is to put the teacher’s desk in front of the class which allows for individual eye contact and body language.

In some special education classrooms, restroom facilities are located within the special education classrooms. However, not all special education are set up in this way. However it can be a consideration should other arrangements be unsatisfactory.

As a new special education teacher, you’ll want a setup that creates effective engagement with minimal distractions. With children who need to deal with special learning adjustments, try for a new setup that is not too overwhelming for him/her to function. You’ll want to also maintain control with the rest of the class as well.

So what are you waiting for? Try it!

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