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I’ve been an avid movie watcher since I was a small child. I distinctly remember my first movie in a local Iowa theater on a cold winter night. During “The Battle of the Bulge”, I huddled in the large adult theatre seat beside my father who had served in World War II. His eyes, glued to the screen accompanied by affirming head nods reinforced that what I was watching on the big screen really did happen… even if the shooting and diving behind protective barriers was performed by professional actors.

Hooked by age five, the passion to be entertained by the big screen has never left me. In fact, it was an important qualifying criterion for my future spouse. I didn’t need much on a date, just my tub of popped corn, a diet soda, a bag of M&M peanuts, and a hand to hold.


The criteria for my movie reviews are simple:
1.   The movie has to at least entertain me… I don’t want to check to see what time it is half way through.
2.   I need to feel emotionally connected in some way to the characters – that I care about what happens to them.
3.   The actors actually “act”.

My expectations that a move will be a bad one are triggered by the following:
1.В В В The director resorts to nudity or extreme violence during the opening credits
2.В В В If within the first five minutes I see some sort of prop defect (a boom microphone in the upper left corner) or special effects that are just plain cheesy.
3.В В В If the actors look apologetic for the bad dialog

My rating system:
OQ В В В Oscar Quality
EOВ В В Entertainment Only
HVВ В В Home Viewing on DVD for a night when you have absolutely nothing else to do
SIВ В В Skip it

NOTE from Admin: Karel will be providing audio movie reviews as well as written reviews so be sure to listen to the audio reviews when posted.

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