Parent and Caregiver Tips for First Grade Learning

  • Communicate concerns and/or expectations with your child’s teacher.
  • Foster independence by giving chores:В setting the table, dusting, putting silverware away, etc.
  • Follow a daily routine.В Empty backpack and review contents.В Schedule homework, playtime, dinner/conversation, bathtime, shared reading time, and bedtime.
  • Write important home/school events on the calendar:В teacher conference, picture day, vacation days, early release days, etc.
  • Volunteer in your child’s class/schoolroom or ask what you can do from home.
  • Support your child by attending school functions.
  • Praise hard work toward completion of projects and learning.
  • Read various types of books.В Discuss the author, illustrator and content.
  • Nurture, motivate and instill self-esteem in your child.В Listen to your child.
  • Taking an active role in your child’s life will help him/her succeed.

2008 Copyright Cedar Valley Publishing, Stacey Kannenberg; Let’s Get Ready For First Grade!

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