Proper Posture and the Elimination of Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain

Chronic neck, hip, knee and back pain are a problem of pandemic proportions that according to the American Pain Foundation is affecting more American than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Statistics reveal that millions of people continue to spend billions on drugs and treatments to free themselves from their chronic pain with little to no relief.
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Given the sheer numbers still in pain it is clear that the traditional treatments available are not working. And now with the American Pain Society and the American Academy of Pain Medicine last month issuing guidelines to clinicians about the use of opioid pain medications due to widespread concern about “opioid abuse and addiction”, and the FDA informing opioid manufacturers that certain drugs now require “Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies” to ensure that the benefits of the drugs continue to outweigh the risks, we see that drugs are often creating more problems than they are solving.
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Clearly, this tells us that the time has come to look for alternative and effective non-drug solutions to treat chronic pain. Unfortunately, the problem with many current treatments for chronic pain is that they do not address the source of the pain. As with anything in life, without addressing the source of a problem, it is impossible to find a real and permanent solution. Without finding and addressing the source of the pain – one must continually manage it.

Fortunately for chronic muscle and joint pain sufferers, a previously unknown source of chronic musculoskeletal pain has been discovered and a therapy had been developed to treat it. Knowing the source, a solution to eliminating rather than managing the pain is now possible. And its location may surprise you – it’s in your feet.
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There exists a neural-mechanical pathway which connects the bottom of your feet to your brain. Signals are sent from the feet to the brain and they tell the brain the position of the body relative to its surroundings. The brain uses this information to adjust the body’s posture.

There are two inherited foot structures which cause the foot to twist when you stand or walk.В This foot twist creates distorted signals being sent to the brain. The brain responds by creating a distortion in the posture.В Bad posture then leads to increased stress and strain on the joints and muscles. The end result is inflammation and pain. If the source of the bad posture (the inherited foot structure) is not addressed and handled, the pain becomes chronic.

Hence, the key to returning to wellness is to correct the distorted signals generated from a twisting foot.В This is accomplished by placing specific stimulation underneath the feet, which sends corrected signals to the brain.В The brain responds by automatically adjusting the posture into a more correct alignment. When the posture is improved, the stress and strain on the muscles is considerable reduced.В Though it may take time for the body to completely heal, the result of correcting the posture is an instantaneous relief of pain.

We know that some current therapies have tried to address bad posture, such as chiropractic or physiotherapy. But because these treatments only adjust the body’s position temporarily – at some point after, the body returns to its original bad posture and inevitably the pain returns.

If you have one of these two inherited foot structures that create bad posture and the resulting chronic musculoskeletal pain, permanent relief can be accomplished naturally, without drugs, by addressing this common source of pain that originates in your feet.

About the author:

Prof/Dr Brian A. Rothbart is an internationally recognized expert on the elimination of chronic musculoskeletal pain and author of the book, Forever Free From Chronic Pain. After 40 years of research and clinical practice, as well as his own experience with chronic pain, he discovered a previously unknown source of chronic musculoskeletal pain and a treatment to eliminate it without the use of drugs or surgery. For more information on these foot structures and his therapy, go to Professor Rothbart’s patient website at:


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