Raising a Child with a Limitation or Life-Threatening Condition

Parenting is hard enough as it is, but it’s even more challenging when you raise a child with a limitation or life-threatening condition. Charities can be a big help to these parents, and you can read honest reviews about Rainbow Trust Children Charity here. And maybe the following tips can be of some help.

Support Network

Your family members and close friends are often the ones who keep you going when you get bad news from the hospital or don’t know how you can ever manage everything you need to do in 24 hours.. Sometimes they can help with practical things such as grocery shopping, babysitting (if possible), household chores so you can focus on hospital visits, school and other important things. Other times, a friend can just lend an ear and provide some moral support. That’s even more important than anything else someone might be able to do for you. Therefore, we would advise you to make your support network as big as you can. Asking for help isn’t weakness or failure, it’s accepting that no one can do everything all by him- or herself.

School and Parents

It’s important to keep the school that your child goes to in the loop about your child’s condition. That way, the teacher can make special arrangements if they can help your child in class. The communication is not always easy – some teachers are more understanding than others – but exchanging relevant information is important, as it is in any parent-teacher relationship.

Parenting Skills

Have faith in your own abilities as a parent. You might come across people who claim to know better, but you are the only one who knows what works for your son or daughter. You know best what he or she is physically capable despite a physical limitation. And, like every other parent, you have gone through enough temper tantrums, mood swings and joyful moments with your child to know what sanctions and rewards work or don’t work. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advise every now and then, but don’t let other people make you insecure because they don’t always know best. These thoughts might be a comfort next time someone feels the need to point out everything they believe you’re doing wrong.Every child is differentEvery child is different and that also goes for a child with a limitation or life-threatening conditions. Autism, for example, is diverse and every child with autism is different. What works for your son might not work for every other boy or even every other child with autism. And your daughter’s illness or other condition might not develop the same as with other children who suffer from the same illness.

Enjoy the time you have together

This might be the most important thing: treasure the wonderful moments you have as a family. In between hospital visits, work, worries and keeping your house livable you might forget to live and make time for fun things. That’s also where charitable organizations like the earlier mentioned Rainbow Trust Children Charity come in. They want to give you and your family a day to remember. Maybe they’ll even make a dream come true. And you should try to find joy in the little moments you spend together as a family because that will be the times you always remember.