Rawesome raw milk man James Stewart seized by 3 armed men driving vehicles with no plates

I am outraged! I received an email newsletter this morning and was shocked and totally blown away by what is happening….not just this but all across our country! Are we NOT the United States of America? Did our ancestors and our young men and women of today fight for our freedoms? Are we not ALLOWED to speak our own opinion? Live our life the way we see fit for OUR LIVES?

I first posted my thoughts on Facebook but felt I needed to post more information on my magazine. Below is what I wrote on Facebook:

Really? An arrest because James Stewart (from Rawsome Foods) supports Raw Milk, and not arrested by police but by armed men, who would not produce identity or badges…he was treated like a criminal, at one point in this whole process overВ the past few months, he was put on a Million dollar bond! Which is usually reserved for rapists and murderers….OVER RAW MILK! We don’t have a choice in what we eat, drink, etc.???

What is our country coming too??? How can a man who knows that eating raw foods that are unpasteruized, etc. be made a target….why? This man is NOT A THREAT but someone sure thinks he’s a threat….again my brain is going “all this over supporting and selling raw milk” which is a person’s choice to drink….how you live your own life, what you eat, what you think, and what you voice now is starting to get people into trouble, do you NOT SEE what is happening, slowly our rights are being taken away and NOT just in the food industry but in all areas across the board….yet we don’t see it….don’t you have the right to eat, drink, and do what you want with YOUR LIFE!

No one should have the right to tell anyone what we can do, say or eat….yet it is happening over and over again…those who need help don’t get it while those who have MONEY get whatever they want….people get beat up over $5.00 and the cops do NOTHING! People support raw foods and they get roughed up, arrested, and NOTHING happens to help them!

What is our country coming too?

Can’t you see it?

It’s like the book “Animal Farm“….haven’t read it…you should….

Below is the video filmed during James Stewart’s “so called arrest”, you can hear him asking what is going on, asking for identification, you can see the way these men are menacing the witnesses:

Story with more details is up on Natural News

More about James Stewart’s Fight against L.A. County

Posted on March 10, 2012В 65-year-old California ‘milk man’ subjected to extreme torture, hypothermia, raw sewage in LA County jail

Learn more:В http://www.naturalnews.com/035208_James_Stewart_torture_county_jail.html#ixzz21osQxcay

Let Ventura County know we are watching and that we demand the charges against James be dropped

From Natural News:

Here, I ask for your support to let the Ventura County DA’s office knowВ we are watching them, and we hold them responsible for the treatment of James.

Call the main DA’s office at 805-654-2500 and let them know that you are joining tens of thousands of other people who are watching this and carefully scrutinizing their behavior. The Ventura County case against James Stewart is, I can assure you, utterly fabricated and completely without merit. It should beВ immediately droppedВ and James set free.

Here’s the full contact information for the Ventura County DA’s office:

Ventura County has been waging a “war of personal vengeance” against Stewart (http://www.naturalnews.com/035197_James_Stewart_Sharon_Palmer_Ventura…). Both Ventura and L.A. counties have spentВ millions of dollars in taxpayer moneyВ in an attempt to incarcerate a raw milk man! A senior citizen! The man is 65 years old, utterly non-violent in every way, and yet has been targeted in the most vicious manner by district attorneys who apparently don’t have any real criminals to go after.

Learn more:В http://www.naturalnews.com/036611_James_Stewart_Bounty_Hunters_Ventura_county.html#ixzz21oslpouh


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