By Lael Johnson

Spirituality and self-care are very closely related in my own life. I consider following a daily spiritual path or discipline to be an integral part of my self-care. When I am lax in following my path, my self-care is always negatively effected. It’s hard for me to imagine living my life without following some sort of regular spiritual path. When I don’t follow my path regularly, I make unwise decisions, I feel less comfortable in my own skin and around people and in general, I’m not at peace with the world. I also tend to feel more alone, which is not my favorite place to be in for long.

For some people, living a life without following a regular spiritual path is quite the norm. For some people following a spiritual path, is something that they either have never heard of, never been introduced to or never thought about in relationship to how they care for themselves. For others, spirituality isn’t an important part of their lives, and may only become important during a difficult time, such as a personal tragedy, an accident or a natural disaster. Then there are those who have never practiced a spiritual path, by choice and belief. They’ve chosen not to believe in something outside of themselves, for any number of reasons, including not believing in the concept or having been taught another belief system along the way.

Where does spirituality fit in your life? How does it fit in? If it does fit in, does it have any effect on your self-care or not? Do you pursue a daily spiritual practice? How does your practice fit in with the rest of your life? If you don’t currently have a spiritual practice, do you want to develop one? Is there something missing in your life that might lead you in that direction? Do you believe in a power greater than yourself? Do you believe that your life would be better if you were able to ask for help from a power outside of yourself? Or not?

I hope that some of these thoughts and questions will give you some food for thought to process in your journal or with a trusted friend about your relationship with spirituality and self-care.

I hope that you find this article helpful. Please feel free to comment on it here or at my coaching blog .

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