Stress Management: 2 Powerful Stress Busters

By Jeff Herring

The Never Ending Search for Humor

Humor heals.

That is the bottom line – humor heals.

When we brought our son home, I remember thinking “I’m supposed to take care of this little creature and I can’t even remember to take out my contacts at night!”

During one of the first diaper changes, he did what little boys do and aimed it right at his mom. She put up the palm of her hand to block it and then started pushing back the stream like Superman and the death-ray.

We laughed so hard we cried, and decided we might be able to do this after all.

Look for the humor, no matter how absurd, in any stressful situation.

Remember, if you can laugh about it, you can survive it, and even more!

The Power & Perspective of Detachment

Here’s a little stress buster experiment:

pinch the skin on the back of one hand until it’s mildly uncomfortable (please, don’t draw blood!). Now release it. Pinch it again, only this time pretend you are standing next to or above your self while watching yourself.

Does the pressure diminish or even go away?

In the same way, we can “step outside of” a stressful situation and not only reduce the stress, we can get two other benefits as well:

1. You can get a different perspective, which can then lead to………

2. Creating solutions that may not have previously occurred to you.

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