By Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D.

Exercise, hot baths, deep breathing, walks in the park, fresh air, walks on the beach, eating healthy, no sugar, no caffeine, etc. They all make sense. They’re all good suggestions. There is one more thing to consider. It’s another remedy that could help your stress level.

Consider this; you could be picking up on other people’s ‘vibes’. In my work with clients as as feng shui consultant I talk about energy. We are all composed of energy, and that each and every one of us emits our very own ‘force field’. It’s also called Qi or Chi. Our words and our thoughts are forms of energy. When we suffer from stress, often it’s because of the pressure of negative thoughts that we may have or that we ‘pick-up’ from others. Our bodies become toxic from people, places and things. This creates stagnant Chi or Sha Qi (a poison arrow or bad energy). It becomes like dirt that can accumulate in, on and around the body.

There is an alternative useful solution and there are many names for it, but it’s most commonly called ‘energy cleansing’ or ‘energy clearing’.В В It’s simply a visualization that you can do yourself on your own whenever you want to or you can have ‘practitioners’ who have mastered this technique and who can even do it remotely and tailored to your specific needs.В It’s most useful to do this at the end of the day.

Find a favorite comfortable spot to sit.В Make sure there are no interruptions like TV, phone, computer, loud noises, etc.В Some have meditation music they enjoy. Close your eyes.В Imagine that a golden shower of light is descending on you from the top of your head downward.В Visualize the cascading light moving down through all the parts of your body, cleaning any dark spots that may be there.В See the light pushing this dark negative energy out of your body and all the way down through the soles of your feet into the floor or ground.В Repeat the visualization of this golden light doing its clearing action until there is only bright white light left in your body.В Take deep breaths.В Open your eyes when you feel you have completely removed all the debris from your body.В Take a few minutes and enjoy the relaxation and serenity.В You will feel a peaceful calm.В You can repeat this on a regular basis or when you are feeling stressed.

It only takes minutes to give yourself the gift of clear energy.

Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D.
Author of “Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster”


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