Summer 2009 Fashion: Get Ready!

Hi Ladies,

Here is a brief summary of what’s in style for Summer 2009…

The HOT colors are brights, follow the umbrella in the animoto. рџ™‚ There is also a tendency towards some neutrals, such as salmon rose, dark citron, lucite green, or if easier, pale green.

FOCUS ON ACCESSORIES!!! All accessories are oversized: hoops, balls, circle necks, add a touch of the 1960’s and 70’s. Look for big, oversized rings and pendants. Straw hat with ribbons. Rediscover a youthful freshness and invent a modern techno romanticism.

In the animito above, I am featuring some top designers and most are hurting, as well, from these challenging times. Therefore, their focus is on big, bold accessories!



What can do to still look glamorous, professional, and “in style?” Let’s GET CREATIVE!

Floral is in… Okay, all of us (well maybe not me.. lol)… MOST of us have a basic dress. Just purchase some floral pins. Wear two on your top, right-hand shoulder, or on a lapin jacket. Even on a T-shirt! Purchase a flower motif necklace, too. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET A BIG STATEMENT ring! You can find some bold ones in cubic zirconia on my site, Straw hats are in.. as bows.. You can purchase a straw hat in any store! Yes, I did say store not boutique! Place a ribbon around the rim, tie it in a bow in the back leaving some flowing satin. PCs flirty loose. Oh, there is so much we can do with a modest investment. Wow! Maybe I can finally use some of my clothing still hanging there with the price tag! Yes, we must all be price conscience.

What really makes it very easy to achieve this is that fashion is simple for 2009, almost basic I would dare to say… making it conducive to look great, feel great and recession proof.

As a side note, I think we’re finally over this….


try this instead. 😉


Bling Queen;)

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