The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

By Karel Murray

Within the first few moments, I knew this movie was going to be a visual joy ride.В  The true treasure came in the form of an unexpected emotional hit in the last few moments of this almost three hour movie.

Our first sighting of Benjamin Button (played by Brad Pitt) is of a horrendously gnarled infant screeching loudly for attention.  Instead of a flood of paternal joy, horror and revulsion destroyed the relationship before it had even begun.  Born in 1918 in New Orleans, this baby’s life was deemed to be over before it had even started.  That’s when we are introduced to a couple who take this child under their care and deal with all the issues related to old age.

Except…Benjamin is a kid who just looks like an 80 year man….just smaller.  I’m still wondering how did they put Brad Pitt’s head on a child’s body?  Amazing.

As the story plays out, Benjamin Button becomes infatuated with a young girl named Daisy (Cate Blanchette) and this love endures until Benjamin eventually passes away.
Cate Blanchette’s performance is outstanding… almost mesmerizing.  Watching her age from a teenager to an extremely old woman is worth the ticket admission.

This love story, intertwined with personal insights about relationships, will endear this film to audiences.В  The creative storytelling and plot will hopefully elevate it to Golden Globe and Oscar nominations.

Good Reasons Cate Blanchette Rating:В  OQ
Overall Rating:В  OQ
Best Actress Nomination:В  Cate Blanchette

My rating system:
OQВ В В В  Oscar Quality
EOВ В В  Entertainment Only
HVВ В В  Home Viewing on DVD for a night when you have absolutely nothing else to do
SIВ В В  Skip It

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