The Day the Earth Stood Still

Review by Karel Murray

Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates

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I’ve waited for months for this movie to come to Waterloo, Iowa.  It had everything I want in a film; action, beautiful actors, a cute kid, aliens and special effects that would make my head spin.  My anticipation proved to be more fun than the actual movie.

The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Day the Earth Stood Still

This movie is a re-adaptation of the original 1951 thriller where alien beings come to the earth with the plan of wiping out human life before humanity destroys the earth itself.В  The human form alien must make the decision as to whether he feels that mankind deserves to live on the precious biological planet.
Within 15 minutes, I knew mankind would fail the test.  How often have we been told in movies… never, ever, let your leader in the same room with an alien?  All sorts of nasty things can happen.  But, here we go… within a few hours of capture and analysis, Kathy Bates as Secretary of State strides confidently into the alien holding area and begins to demand answers.  How did she know he could just blow her up with a simple flick of the eye?

I waited for it, but it didn’t happen.  Darn.

Or when Jennifer Connelly, our heroine, disobeys a martial law order, when she first arrives to a federally secure location by stuffing a cell phone in her front coat pocket.В  This, I suppose is a small way to prepare us for Jennifer doing nothing that anyone tells her to do.

Keanu Reeves had the perfect part for his acting style cast as an alien being that doesn’t blink, moves like a robot, and still appears to be sympathetic to human beings.  I totally understand that an alien would act differently than us, but did the alien being have to walk through the movie as if he overdid his Botox injections to his face?

Personally, I felt the huge “protector” robot had a more interesting role.  At least it could burst into millions of flying metal bugs…. a personal nightmare of mine.  Watching the swarm eat up everything in its path reminds me again why I use Orkin on a regular basis.

The coolest special effects were the pulsating light globes that parked in locations around our globe, waiting for orders and gathering specimens.В  But after you have seen one globe, then two, then three, the magic wears off.

I don’t ask for much… just a few scary moments, true human panic, and a real lesson other than “Take care of the earth or we will take care of you”.

Rating:В  HV

My rating system:

OQ В В В  Oscar Quality
EOВ В В  Entertainment Only
HVВ В В  Home Viewing on DVD for a night when you have absolutely nothing else to do
SIВ В В  Skip it

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