The Goddess in Every Woman

Have you ever wondered why you were made the way you are? It wasn’t by some accident that you have a cute button nose, or that your feet are huge, or that you have naturally curly hair that is frizzy all the time. God made you just the way you are because he wanted you to be that “one” in a million.

Every woman should feel like a Goddesses, a Goddess is someone who everyone looks up to; a Goddess is someone who everyone thinks is beautiful; a Goddess is a woman who loves herself for who she is.

I want you to love yourself as you are. It’s time to stand up for you. Change the way you treat your body! How can you raise your daughters, your nieces and teach them to love themselves? Isn’t it hard to be a good friend or mom or lover if you are not taking care of yourself and feeling good about yourself? I don’t mean you have to look like a runway model everyday, but there are 5 minute easy things you can do daily to make yourself feel better. You deserve to feel beautiful inside and out!

Our children learn by our example, not by what we say but by what we do. If they listen to your complaints about yourself daily they too will pick up the poor attitude! Your child may start worrying about their features especially if they look like you and begin to worry and complain about the same attributes.

We need to stop this train of thought now! Below is a little exercise that will help you get in the right frame of mind and help you refocus your thoughts and start acting like a goddess.

  1. I want you to take one good look at your body, your entire body and love it!
  2. Start with the best feature that you love and work all the way to your toes. Say aloud “I love my body!”
  3. Push aside all thoughts of what society tells you what you are suppose to look like.
  4. Walk over to the closest mirror and take a long look at yourself several times a day and remind yourself how great your life is!
  5. Look at the mirror and say aloud everything you have inside to offer to you, your family and the world. “I am a good friend.”, “I am loyal.”. Say positive phrases aloud!

As you are standing there looking in the mirror are you having a hard time finding something you love? STOP right there! Think…what have you heard others say about you? It doesn’t matter who said it, my husband likes my naturally curly, frizzy hair and my eyes, and it took me a long time to accept that fact. I always thought he was just saying that to be nice. I had to learn to take a compliment and love it! When someone compliments you, accept what they say and believe it!

Take a look at some of the most outstanding celebrities in our midst….Bette Midler for instance. The only reason I am using her as an example is because while watching TV the other night I took a good long look at her. According to society rules she should be thin, have a smaller nose, and not be so out spoken; but guess what how she perceives herself is how she outputs to others. Bette loves her life, Bette loves her body and you cannot help thinking what a beautiful woman she is. She is happy with who she is. It emanates from every inch of her body coming out in everything she does.

Be the “Goddess” you were meant to be! Be the example to your family and friends. If you THINK, SEE and BELIEVE the Goddess in you, everyone else will see it too!
Rebbekah White is a mother to 3 boys and has been married to her high school sweetheart for 17 years.В Rebbekah started a Talk Radio show Heal Yourself Talk Radio that has weekly speakers helping you learn how to heal your mind, body and spirit.В Rebbekah is also the owner ofВ The Heal Yourself Magazine and The Health Podcasting Directory.

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