The life and thymes -of herbs

From the Garden of Eden to the Gardens of Sage Hill Farms…the life and thymes -of herbs

Sustainable, organic, natural, green….the movement has picked up speed in almost every lane of traffic.

Gardens…large ones, small ones, big farms, and mini farms, patio plots, and container growing.
Deep connections can be made in the garden. Herbal gardening is my love and my business.

Since the beginning of time herbs/plants have been a form of medicine first , and later they found their way into culinary use.

Herbs can add an extra layer of comfort, taste, and wellness to our daily lives.

Exploring all the many ancient and modern ways to utilize herbs will be the focus of this column.

Mystery and Magic

Herbs are akin to having a magic wand at your beckon call.
They can add a heaping dose of wellness to your diet, they feed the palate and nourish the soul.

Herbs can add color to your plate and perk up the flavors of any bland foods.

The landscape is beautiful and blessed when herbs are added to the scene, they give back to the surroundings by helping to control insects and disease for other plants.

Being in an herb garden is one step closer to heaven…come walk with me and share my journey to herbal learning.


Bea Kunz
Sage Hill Farms

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